Roller derby is back….

harlot.gifKLRU Austin Now Video
It’s Back: Austin fans crazy for roller girls

Some nerd took screen shots of themselves to make an animated clip for the Scarlot Harlot to post on her web page. HA! This is a real blast from the past. Watch COOL clip  from around 2002 -2003?

This KLRU clip makes the Scarlot Harlot want to stand with all the rollergirls and have a big group hug which is just how you end up getting dogpiled and punched in the gut.

So you wanna look really far into roller derby past when Beerland, Tx  just opened and the Holy Rollers had their new blue satin jackets? The Scarlot Harlot wasn’t skating at this time. Instead she was making the web page and taking photos. See and example of the web at that time and some Scarlot Harlot photos.



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  1. clip is really cool

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