Texas Rollergirl Birthday Photos

Lot’s of Texas Rollergirls having birthdays so I found some fun photos.


1. Flipping everyone off! Photo by Michael Osborne. 2. Sexy Mama. Photo by Tomax 3. Bloody Mary and the Wrench opening Christmas presents 4. Baby rollergirls: Bloody Mary, Misty Meaner, Bunny Rabid, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang and Anna Mosity
Bloody Mary is one of the 10 Fittest people in Austin


1. Deadly and Scalot Harlot outside of school. Photo by Beau Been 2. Deadly no likey the clown. 3. Isn’t she lovely 4. Tomax Blade, Cheap Trixie, Deadly Cyn, Pinkie and Pris, you can see Amen’s booty.


1. Devilgrrl and White Lightnin’ at Insomniac premiere. 2. Lovely Celesta Danger Photo 3. White Lightenin, Riff Scandall and 666 4. Look out for CRAZY! Mean Streakand Devilgrrl vs Loosetooth LuLu, Rolletta Lynn and Buckshot Betsy.


1. Riff Scandell and Scarlot Harlot 2. Riff booty blocking Annie Social 3. Riff and Lucille Brawl 4. More Riff 5. Biscuit, Melicious, Voodoo Doll, Riffy, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang at the Austin Music Hall.

Hope all you foxy ladies had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!




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