KISS Friday

I was trying to tell my cousin katey about the Lucha Libre KISS midget wrestlers. I didn’t find the ass kicking wrestlers back flipping from the ring, but what I found was so so sweet. It’s KISS FRIDAY all day long!!!


I don’t have to say anything, right? strange personas.

This is even more priceless because MINI KISS is  singing Ozzy Osbourne’s CRAZY TRAIN! You know they get all the ladies. Seriously.

You better be watching Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels. Gene Simmons has won my heart. I have always been a fan of the night demon who spits blood and flies to the rafters, but now the man behind the makeup has won my heart. His family too!!!!




  1. I love KISS so much, and hate midgets and spandex so much, that these horrible, miniature imitators in tight spandex have successfully made my stomach sour as it struggles with this latest dichotomy.

  2. I’m wondering if the lead singer is all of their bitch, but of course my mind is always in the gutter…Too funny!

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