A few of my favorite (holiday) things…

Holiday collage of my favorite things

A Few of My Favorite Things  from The Sound of Music!!!
Candyland!!! My 5 year old niece beat me TWICE at Thanksgiving!!!
Friends!!!! Family!!! SANTA!!!! Otterpops!!!! Footie Pajamas!!!!
Nerds!!!!! I ate all of my husband’s Nerds last year so he bought me a
giant box this year!!! Lifesavers!!!!! Alvin & the Chipmunks!!! 
Christmas Stockings!!!! Frosty the Snowman!!!



A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story 

If I had to pick a favorite Holiday Movie, it would be A Christmas Story. I haven’t seen a frozen pole without thinking of this kid for most of my life. This red headed kid was a butt munch.

A Christmas Story -Tongue Stuck to Frozen Pole

This is really awesome!!! Have a great Christmas Eve!!!!


High for the Holiday Hog

Sorry for all the pig posts!
The holidays make me think of yummy ham!

You won’t believe the adorable Valentine Pigs.
A hog for every holiday!!! Basketball, bowling, hoop
jumping, mowing  the yard, spelling, David Letterman,
Jay Leno…the neck accessories really jazz it up!!!

Would I acquire their amazing super hero pig talents
if I ate one of them? I didn’t say I would, just asking?

Cute and delicious.


How much hedgehog is too much???

Mr. Piggy-Winkle

This isn’t all of Mr. Piggy-Winkle & this photo was taken in November! My husband, Beau Been, is on top of all the Internet news. Weird, real, whatever…. Building a little bit of cyberspace almost everyday, I can’t show him anything he hasn’t already seen! I just stumbled across this link again.

Take it easy during the holidays. You can see what can happen. Who wants to go on a six month diet?!! I think my cat ate the slimmer heggie last week on my back porch!!! YUUUUUCK!

Muppets 12 Days of Christmas

Santa Claus is coming to town

Then watch Pulp Muppets!!!

Merry Muppet Holidays!!!!! HO HO HO!


Anderson Cooperduper can’t laugh with Kitty Wigs????

Who can expect Anderson Cooperduper to understand the true beauty of the fact a cat will sit still in a wig on and poses for a photo? Your cat rules too!!!! if it will wear a Kitty Wig. It’s like going back to Egypt where the cats always wore wigs. I don’t trust Anderson Cooperduper the way I trust a Kitty Wig. I trust the wig will be cool not the cat!#$#%#@$! Please tell me about something funnier? It’s so creepy, too.

After you see the wigs live on the “real news” (this is actual news and not the Daily Show right?), you should check out this photographer, Allison V. Smith.

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