Carson B. Demented


Photo by Kim Saito

Cheap Trixie recently pointed out Carson B. Demented but she’s talking sweet about the Scarlot Harlot. Check out this Duke City Rollergirl’s bio. Hope you caught the Texecutioners vs Muñecas Muertas, Sat, Dec 1 at Playland.

How did you learn about roller derby?

I was doing an internet search for a writer and sex worker activist named Scarlot Harlot. The search came up with a skater in Austin, a member or the Texas Rollergirls. A firey little red head in a school girl uniform, on skates, skating under the name Scarlot Harlot for the Hell Marys. My search quickly changed from authors to roller derby. The Duke CIty needed some of that action! In looking into how to start a league in our city I found that one was already in the works. One of the players, Vixenator, at the time her name was just Katie, invited me to skate at the local rink. There I met a handful of girls calling themselves Duke City Derby and signed my life away.



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