Books for the Holidays

A few Holiday Book Giving Suggestions. Enjoy!!!!

Frances Nail

arts_feature-29947.jpgMy grandmother has a first cousin (my 3rd cousin?), Frances Nail who makes quite a stir in Austin, Texas and beyond. She’s a cool lady who didn’t start writing until her 70s. There’s a story or 2 about my grandmother, Mary, and I actually remember Frances’ mother, Kate. Groovee Fortune is currently working on a web site for Frances, but you can buy her books online. It’s a family affair – daughter Leslie does the editing, daughter Katey Nail does the illustrations and granddaughter Carrie Rodriguez does the music on the audio. You can often hear Frances on KUT.

Books by Frances Nail
– Crow in House, Wolf at the Door, Eakin Press, 2004
I’m Am Not the Woman I was , Eakin Press, 2003,  Play starring Karen Kuykendall
– God, Cars and Souvenirs, Unknown Binding, 1998

Sydelle Richards

dearmama2.jpgI recently reconnected with my old basketball/school buddy, Sydelle Richards. We went to school from 4-12th grade. I often thought of Sydelle when issues of sportsmanlike conduct arose in roller derby, wishing she would come tell us how to deal with our bad attitudes. I was saddened to learn of all the things in her book but I was thrilled to see her book on Essence’s Top Ten Paperbacks. I ran against this lady for Student Body President of Dimmitt High School and she BEAT ME! She’s writing something funny next time!

Book by Sydelle Richards
Dear Mama, Through the Eyes of a Child, Glory Books, 2006

Melissa “Melicious” Joulwan

truetales.jpgRoller derby has take the country by storm. A bunch of ladies in Austin, Texas revived the sport and leagues have popped up all over the country. In 2003 we were on a roll (hee hee) and the league split in two. I haven’t the patience to tell you the story. Luckily, Melicious has captured the tale. She was recently named, “Best Local Author” by the Austin Chronicle “Best of Austin” poll.  I’m really impressed she was able to write a book and be in the Texas Rollergirls at the same time!!!! Give em Hell Melicious! You can read about Scarlot Harlot attacking Dave Attel!

Book by Melissa Joulwan
Joulwan-Rollergirl: Totally True Tales From the Track! Touchstone, 2007


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  1. […] one of her #1 fans John Aielli of KUT  is the first to report! You can read about how I know Frances Nail by reading about her granddaughter Carrie Rodriguez. Here’s some more info about Memphis, Tx […]

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