Fire Walk With Me

It just doesn’t seem like the Trailer shows the true insanity of this movie. I saw it recently after not seeing it for years. It seemed like a new movie. If you haven’t watched the Twin Peaks series, rent it on Netflix. It’s not as easy to watch a dad abuse his daughter as it used to be. Oh well you can’t stay in your 20s forever.

I wonder what David Lynch has up his sleeve these days?


io sono tuo padre

I feel like they are in the Vatican! Amazingly enough I’ve been there twice! We are going to need some Gelato to watch these! Let’s get some tacos too!!!!

Star wars redublado / Nido del Cuculo


Il festino -The Bee Gees? / omaggio a guerre stellari

Balle Spaziali  / Trattori Fiat

Ciao! Audios! Goodbye. :>


I have to redeem myself for the Sailing video. I’m still listening to it, but this should prove I am young and fresh! As well as old and weird.

Little Mama – Lip Gloss

Avril Lavigne & Lil’ Mama – Girlfriend
Hey Avril is a HEll MAryS!!!HEll Yeah!!!
Texas Rollergirls Season starts March 2, 2008.


Those outfits are pretty cool!!! they are really going for it!!!!
Happy Thursday.


Out to Sea

My Aqaurian horoscope on February 19 said, “You may actually be relieved as the Sun leaves your sign today and heads for the seas of Pisces.” I know I should be relieved but I can’t get this damn song out of my head!!!!! I wish I was at the beach right now watching a sailboat go by.

Wonder Woman – In action

Go Italian on Valentine’s Day!!!

I’m into something good. This is something funny for my sweet Beau Been on Valentine’s Day!

Vernazza where Beau and Beth Been were married April 11, 2004
Vernazza, Italy

VernazzaBeau, I love you! Thanks for all the love and fun. Here’s your card!

Corra que a Polícia vem Aí  – PASTELÃO BOM!!!
This is how I am going to learn Spanish!!!!

You’ve got wooley pazing!!!! No digitty! Viva Espose!!! Love, Beth
Lacy and Hot Potato love you 2!!!!!

Say Something Nasty

This was so much fun! The barn flooded and we almost got blown away by a tornado. I think I had to join the roller derby as a skater after this. I was a photographer at this point. 

Say Something Nasty! video shoot 6-31-02  

 Roller Derby w/Nashville Pussy  Sat, March 15, 2003