Go Italian on Valentine’s Day!!!

I’m into something good. This is something funny for my sweet Beau Been on Valentine’s Day!

Vernazza where Beau and Beth Been were married April 11, 2004
Vernazza, Italy

VernazzaBeau, I love you! Thanks for all the love and fun. Here’s your card!

Corra que a Polícia vem Aí  – PASTELÃO BOM!!!
This is how I am going to learn Spanish!!!!

You’ve got wooley pazing!!!! No digitty! Viva Espose!!! Love, Beth
Lacy and Hot Potato love you 2!!!!!


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  1. Hi, nice picture of Vernazza…you can see some tips about the 5 terra on my signature link or.. clicking the following link you can vote the nicest of the cinque terre http://www.cinqueterre.com/blog/la-piu-bella-delle-cinque-terre
    If you like to add our blog or main page in your blogroll I can link back to you from the page “parlano di noi” on mine..

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