Comedians I Miss


John Belushi – I couldn’t get enough of him. I have a pretty fancy bee suit. Hadn’t realized until seeing this clip, the lord of Animal House is rooted pretty deep in my funny bone. I really feel this Guitar Smash. I was John Belushi until I met my husband, living the Belushi lifestyle, partying like it was 1941.

The Legends of Saturday Night Live. What about Gilda? 

Gilda Radner – I wanted to be Nadia Comaneci & did lots of gymnastics

Chris Farley– Lunch Lady and Chippendales are my fav!!!

Phil Hartman – I don’t even know what to say.

Richard Pryor – What a wild one!!! Exorcist.

Mitch Hedberg – I swear his spirit possessed me at Capital City Comedy Club and heckled the guy on stage! Stand up .

Missing in Action 

Pee Wee Herman – I really miss his playhouse!!! TEQUILA!!!

Steve Martin – I miss that wild and crazy guy. He’s a writer, playwright, director, too fancy and serious. I had the arrow that went thru your head!!! I guess the hole is still there!!!! King Tut. I married a guy who can juggle!!!

Eddie Murphy – Did the Nutty Professor eat this guy? Party All The Time!

DAVE CHAPELLE!!! After 2 seasons of sending the funny directly to my brain, I am stuck with reruns of Half Baked, Chapelle Show and a few HBO specials. I’m waiting DAVE! I’m happy you went to Africa, just send me DVDs of you telling jokes. I need it!!! Maybe Charlie Murphy could guest star!!!!

Thanks for all the LAUGHS. You’ve all made my life a much funnier place.


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