Queen Bee, Baby

A Star is Born - I had this albumJust to reaffirm my dorkiness, I want to share one of my favorite movie songs ever, Queen Bee by Barbra Streisand. In a Star is Born, Babs pairs up with one of my favorite fellas ever, Kris Kristofferson in a world of ballads & a little bit of rock n roll & suicide & a whole lot of music which I know every single word. I don’t even care what happens in the original version from 1954. Probably saw this movie in  3rd grade. John Norman drives a motorcycle off a stage.

Of course,  all of you have seen A Star is Born, but just in case, Barbra (Esther Hoffman)  & her band composed of 2 hip women (The Oreos) are singing in a bar & Kris (John Norman Howard) shows up and interrupts their set. I really apologize you can’t  see the beauty of the real clip the have some dance moves. On my walk down memory YouTube lane, I could only find this clip.

Suggested: Play the video in the background & read along with the Lyrics,  but how can you not watch a little of  the clip?

Since then I have found this AWESOME video!

From 1977 – 1994, I thought Kris Kristofferson was the rock star from this movie, hell bent on destruction. Once saw him sing at Antone’s when it was still on Guadalupe near UT. He didn’t sing Hellacious Acres or Watch Closely Now (which killed me) but I had such crush on him it was fantastic. Just to sit in the same room with someone I’d seen on a movie when I was 6 was cool, much less John Norman Howard! If only he’d invited me to his big mansion & painted my name on the wall. Hell Yeah! I also saw him speak at SXSW. He was so smart, I nearly fainted. Talking Politics & War! Double school girl crush!

My number one Kris Kristofferson sighting was approx. 1992, I was at a place on 6th St in Austin, Tx now known as Buffalo Billards. Not only was it one of a handful of Willie Nelson shows I’d seen in really small quarters (which is best), but about 4 songs into the set, out comes the JOHN NORMAN HOWARD SPEEDWAY front man himself. Before I could double tie my shoes, I knew the name of Kris’ Star is Born band.

I would like to see Barbra Streisand in concert.  I would take my mom, but where would I find all that $$$ ? I know she won’t sing Queen Bee and the Oreos won’t be there!

One of my favorite songs from the movie was nominated for an academy award in 1976. Evergreen,Love Theme From A Star Is Born, Barbra Streisand, music; Paul Williams, lyrics. I wanted this song sung at my wedding but no one knew it in Italy. Funny, they had it in France?

Did I mention I had this album? I didn’t have many albums. :>


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