“Hell on Wheels” trailer

And these are the days of our lives…..

That last one was too fucking serious.
This one is much more rock n roll. Thank goodness.

Funny how I was involved in the roller derby in Austin for almost 8 years and Bob Ray of CrashCam Films didn’t put the Scarlot Harlot in a single trailer for the movie. PLSSSTTTTTT! This is my favorite of all of them.

I loved roller derby when it seemed like a rock n roll free for all and there was a little bit of rocky horror picture show going on. Any one wearing a basketball uniform to play the sport will be viciously dealt with by the retired, yet unafraid Scarlot Harlot. See how the Fuck Emos song makes me act all CRAZY!

Hell  Yeah

‘You might as well watch the Rock Opera Trailer as well. I’m not in this movie either. You’d think I didn’t live just around the corner from director Bob Ray’s Condo for many years? Yo?

I made these puppet hands.



1 Comment

  1. Thanks for putting up the old trailer … I haven’t been able to find it anywhere!!

    I NEED an mp3 of that song!! hehehe

    I like that trailer better cause it doesn’t show any of the drama. }: (


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