Lacy Been - I Can Eat Easter

Happy Easter from Groovee Fortune!
Have a Great Day. Spend some time with family & friends!

Scarlot Harlot, Beth, Beau, Lacy & Hot Potato Been

This is a reference to I Can Has Cheezburger.
I fully admit I don’t understand all of them,
but the pictures are always funny!!!!

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This is fun!
This was there, too!

Lacy Been - Guarding the Eggs






  1. Scarlot, Beau, Weird Dog

    Thank you so much for the Easter Greeting – all three of you are just too fabulous for words! Beau – I’m still hot for you ;)! Love, 8

  2. Laci looks very tasty about now…..she’s looking mighty fine on this EAster Day! But my question is to all my American buddies out there…..why do y’all celebrate Easter when you don’t even have it on Easter Day???? You celebrate Thanksgiving and eat Turkey???? What’s wrong with this picture???? And what the heck do Bunnies and chicken eggs have to do with the resurrection of Christ anyway????

    Love to all of my crazy friends,

  3. so damn funny!!

  4. Lacy, my other niece…you are lovely in your satin pink ears!
    Much love,
    Aunt Misti

  5. Happy Easter to you, as well! Niamh hopped around wearing bunny ears and we gardenned. Hooray, SPRING!

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