Furries are REAL

I was the Hook ‘Em Mascotat the University of Texas in Austin 1992-93. I LOVE cartoons and mascot suits, but any time I hear the word “furries,” I think of an episode of  CSI, Fur & Loathing. Everyone dressed up in their cutie animal outfit and had anonymous sex! That was a a shock & new idea to my extremely, full of much dirty information mind. This clip is just cute!


Some of the best outfits EVER! Of course, Beau Been showed me this!!!!

Thanks for reading & watching & laughing along with me! Beth Been



1 Comment

  1. Sorry to ruin your dirty thought. I’m a furry (and a critical thinker), and I can tell you that shows like CSI and vanity fair are only interesting in ratings, and will use shock and awe to get your attention. Yes, there is some sex, but it’s nowhere near the extreme portrayals the media and trolls put out.

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