Ace of Cakes Roller Derby Cake



Be sure to watch the Ace of Cakes on the Food Network. It is a lot of fun! Just saw an episode with  giant roller skate cake  created for a Charm City Roller Girls event in Baltimore. Wonder if they were playing the Texacutioners!??!! In true derby drama fashion the wheels fell off the cake. Very dramatic. Very Derby.

Neither photo is the cake I saw on the show but both are great! Another fabulous Charm City skate cake creation. Here’s the word about the cake from the Roller Derby Diva out of Cincinnati!

Scarlot Harlot loves everyone on the Ace of Cakes. Thanks for reading!!!! XXOO, Scarlot Harlot





  1. Actually it was the Dallas Derby Devils who played Charm City for the Ace of Cakes episode. It was a bad a** cake! Duff and the Ace of Cakes crew did a great job.


  2. Thanks Bits and Pieces!!!! That rocks! I bet it was DELICIOUS!!!! Yum!!!! Thanks for reading!!!!! XXXOOOO, Scarlot Harlot

  3. God I love the skate cake!
    I’m not really a baking, domestic kind of girl but I still appreciate creativity in all it’s forms:)

  4. I want a roller derby cake, and I don’t even like cake!

  5. I love that first photo , we need something like that here.

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