Gazing through the window at the world outside
Wondering will mother earth survive
Hoping that mankind will stop abusing her sometime

After all there’s only just the two of us
And here we are still fighting for our lives
Watching all of history repeat itself
Time after time

I’m just a dreamer
I dream my life away
I’m just a dreamer
Who dreams of better days

I watch the sun go down like everyone of us
I’m hoping that the dawn will bring a sign
A better place for those Who will come after us …
This time

I’m just a dreamer
I dream my life away oh yeah
I’m just a dreamer
Who dreams of better days

Your higher power may be God or Jesus Christ
It doesn’t really matter much to me
Without each others help there ain’t no hope for us
I’m living in a dream of fantasy
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah

If only we could all just find serenity
It would be nice if we could live as one
When will all this anger, hate and biggotry …
Be gone?

I’m just a dreamer
I dream my life away
I’m just a dreamer
Who dreams of better days
I’m just a dreamer
Who’s searching for the way
I’m just a dreamer
Dreaming my life away
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah

Taken from 007


I LOVE this GUY!!!!   /   All Hail the Prince of Darkness

 He’s not going away! Hell Yeah!!!!


Rachel Ray can’t eat no donuts in her terrorist scarf.

This is SO pathetic. Boo on the fucking idiot who pointed this out and made the whole fuss. I’ve got a scarf just like this. I don’t wear it around my neck but I don’t wear other scarfs around my neck.

When did it become illegal to wear clothing from around the world? Have you seen how much Rachel Ray shops? Of course she has a scarf like this. If you want to pick a terrorist from the Food Network, there’s a whole list of people who might have a political agenda. You know Rachel Ray couldn’t wait to use a donut company to launch her $40/Day, 30-Minute jihad.

Who picked out this outfit anyway? They should have called the fashion police.

Shame On Dunkin’ Donuts For Bowing To Nonsense!
by Beau Been

Insonmiac: Dave Attel vs. Scarlot Harlot

Four days from the Scarlot Harlot’s Birthday on January 23, 2003 in Austin,  Tx, Dave Attel visited the Bad Girls, Good Women for his Comedy Central show Insomniac. The night before filming, some folks came to scout the situation. At this time I was one of the few people who actually knew who this guy was and my biggest fear is that he would be a big asshole or prima donna. David Cross had been a huge asshole to me one night at EMO’S. I wasn’t really sure who Cross was in the dark club but noticed everyone was buzzing around him. He snubbed me celebrity style when I tried to make small talk. I also saw Kyle Gass from Tenacious D play that same night.

I could NOT stand for Dave Attel to be on his high horse. He didn’t show up with the scouting crew so feared he might be somewhere getting a pedicure and and having his chihuahua fitted in a silk kimono rather than chain smoking, hanging out all night taking shots, telling sex jokes to weirdos and night owls. 

Just saw a rerun of the Insomiac Austin Episode.  Long story short. Attell showed up hooted and hollered and had a grand ole time. Being a roller derby fighting nut, I attacked him from behind. HEe hee. He started it! @#$%!!!  I punched him a few times and then it all turned around and he was choking me. It was a very Andy Kaufman moment for me. (This clips shows me Kaufman taught the Scarlot Harlot a thing or two about shit talking.)  Almost seems like Dave and  Scarlot Harlot  went to the roller derby fighting prom. He definitely didn’t have a Cross moment, not even when we broke his microphones. Uh…I mean 2 microphones.

Dave Attel vs the Scarlot Harlot

Scarlot Harlot always wants to be on the cover of a badass rock magazine but being on the main menu of Comedy Central’s web page for a whole day was AWESOME!!! The party we had when the Insomniac   Premiered that shook the foundation of Ego’s. Too bad you can’t see the girls gone wild photos from than night. You should have been there. :> 

The only thing my mother said when she saw the clip, “Oh no, you have a hole in your panty hose.” I guess me attacking a comedian just seemed inevitable. HA!

 Thanks for reading!!!! XXXOOO, Scarlot Harlot

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What it feels like for a girl

You gotta love Madonna! I saw Madonna in Houston about 1989-90. It was the first time I saw live drag queens. They were fabulous. Madonna was AMAZING but super tiny. My mouth still falls open a little when I think about her humping that red velvet bed to Like a Virgin on the Blonde Ambition Tour. Yowzaaa! Here’s a few Madonna videos I didn’t want you to forget about and one you might not have seen!!!!


This was banned by MTV but they put black Jesus on MTV???

Madonna definitely told me how to EXPRESS MYSELF

Vogue! I saw this on MTV and LOVE IT!!! Hot Pants!!!! MMMWWWAAAA HAHAHA!


Billy Steve Hell Fire

After recently being notified by the Wrench that Billy Steve had a birthday, the Scarlot Harlot is bootlegging Billy Steve Hell Fire to make things right!!!! He’s not the devil, but his wife might be!!! :> Hope you had a very happy birthday and cheers to many more!!! Love, Scarlot Harlot


Groovee Clients

There were thoughts of silly pranks and crazy schemes on April 1st, but Groovee Fortune decided to play the fool for all of April. Groovee Fortune wants to take this time to thank all the fantastic clients who sent new folks in the direction!!!! and took advantage of the specials! Groovee Fortune Clients are the Coolest!


Suntint referred Simple Style

Cynthia Bloom Collectible Jewelry referred Deborah Main Design

Mara Designs referred a new band, Hoode Goode

byRosebudNew Groovee Fortune Web Page

Austin EdensNew Groovee Fortune Web Page

Ray Rose referred China Coast

Litmus Industries referred Shackelford Photography – New Groovee Fortune Web Page

Some day soon you will need Groovee Fortune


Pint Size Piggies

This must be HOG HEAVEN!!!!

It’s been a while since a Groovee Pig Sighting! These little guys are ADORABLE!!! I have no idea why there are 2 photo galleries but be sure to look at both!!!!