Bettie Rage gets better with age!

Bettie Rage by Celesta Danger

Scarlot Harlot would have never been in the roller derby if Bettie Rage hadn’t loaned her skates, knee pads, etc. She was encouraging and supportive and didn’t even think twice when Scarlot joined the Holy Rollers, rather than her team the Rhinestone Cowgirls.

 Today is Bettie Rage’s Birthday and here are some of Scarlot Harlot’s favorite photos. The main question being, why wasn’t Bettie Rage a Hell Mary! Look at all the red!

 Bettie Rage, Scarlot Harlot and Holly Graphics
Bettie Rage, Scarlot Harlot and Holly Graphics at Cheapos



Nashville Pussy Video Shoot

Do you even know about the Nashville Pussy Video Shoot?

the original rhinestone cowgirls

These are the original Rhinestone Cowgirls!!! I forgot Electra was one of them!!! This is the first team photo ever submitted for the BGGW web page.

Rhinestone Cowgirls Halloween

Bettie Rage is only person in this photo still skating. She was there when I got to roller derby and she was still there when I left.


A few more just to prove how Hell Mary Bettie Rage can be!!!!

White Ghost Shivers Halloween

I KNOW! I see all the devil horns too!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETTIE RAGE!!!!! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! Including my addiction to SingStar and Pocky! WE LOVE YOU!!!! Scarlot, Beau, Lacy and Hot Potato


1 Comment

  1. What a fun walk down memory lane!
    I loves me some Hell Marys. And there are many Hell Breakers…but I am all Heart!
    Love you too!

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