Melicious is Delicious on her Birthday

On this the day of her birth, Scarlot Harlot and Beau would like to wish Melicious a delicious HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

photo by celesta danger

Melicious has to pull Scarlot’s Hair for choosing a 2 photos with Scarlot Halot in them for Melicious’ birthday photo! Here let’s try again.

Oh Crap! Hey but this one is CUTE. Everyone in this photo besides Sparkle Plenty is retired. Even after the beating she apparently received here?  Look at Melicious’ short, blonde hair. If you can get past Hissy Fit’s, well you know….

Ouch! It’s so SEXY! Holly Graphic, Melicious and Strawberry…. don’t forget the Godmothers of the reinvention of roller derby! You can tell they all have tricks up their sleeves! GRRRRR!

1st Annual BGGW Rollerball
Melicious, Lady Hawk, Werner, Bettie Rage and Trouble. Photo by Beau Been.

Melicious and Bettie Rage BOTH have a birthday today! Imagine the pink fur coat with the tiarra! Can the Scarlot Harlot borrow that? I still have my sashes in my Scarlot Harlot lunchbox!

1st Annual BGGW Rollerball
F: Strawberry, Patsy Crime, Melicious
B: Busckshot Betsy, Electra Blu, Sparkle Plenty

Hellcats at Austin Music Hall. We miss you Biscuit!

love scarlot, beau, lacy and hot potato kitty cat

All you rollergirl, roller derby fans and kitty cat fanatics better buy her damn book! Rollergirl: Totally True Tales from the Track! You can see lot’s of great photos at the Texas Rollergirls Scrapebook. These were just some old ones i wanted to bring out of the dusty shoe box!  I meant to put this photo of Lucille Brawl on her birthday. Lucille Brawl used to be HOTROD HONEY. You figure it out!



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  1. Scarlot!!! You missed 1!!!! While I do LOVE both Melicious and Miss Bettie Rage you have left off my personal favorite May day baby!!! Billysteve turns 39!!! So when you all toast the Rage and the Melicious don’t forget to add the BS too!!!! Happy Birthday guys!!!

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