Cheb Khaled – Didi

When I was in the Middle East in 1993, the song Didi by Cheb Khaled was all the rage. While I didn’t get to see this guy live, I heard him everywhere on the streets and in peoples homes. This makes me want some good swarma. And for those of you who think all Arabs are terrorists, check Khaled out. He and many like him are trying to have a good time and be happy. Arabs remind me a lot of Mexicans in their family, culture and religious habits, except the Mexicans drink tequila five times a day (Muslims pray 5 times a day facing Mecca) and have more fun at the beach.

I took Arabic for 2 years at University of Texas Austin and then a summer semester in Amman, Jordan at the Univeristy of Jordan and I have no idea what “Didi” actually means. Ha! Can you see why I make web pages now???!!! I do know Cheb Khaled means Young Khaled and he’s from Algeria.

If you ever make it to the Middle East, you can’t miss Amman or Petra or Jerusalem. They are as important to the world as Rome in tracing our past.

This is a random video I really like that supports my claim Mexicans and Arabs are a lot alike. Seems like they filmed Sabado Gigante in this same studio. Djeloul – Aakel Fiha Ya Galbi Live


  1. Arabs share about 800 years of history with Spain so there has to be a lot of similarities. I feel the same too and I am Latina but not Mexican. My boyfriend is Moroccan and except for the religion when I am there visiting his family I feel like I am in Latin America. Even their Tagine chicken is like the tradition Pollo guisado from Domincan Republic right down to the the olives! There is a very big difference the way they regard avocados though..Ack! They make milkshakes of them! Yuck!

    My bf is very at home with my family as well. He has learned a lot of spanish with me and it comes to him easily since he knows french AND there are so many words we (spanish speakers) have taken from arabic! Even ojala is derived from arabic!


  2. I concur with Luz’s comments; you just can’t ignore the arabic influence on the Spanish culture, which is therefore in the foundation of every lantin american culture.
    My ex-wife is of syrian ancestry, and she was my excuse to peek on the Arabic World, which makes me dream of actually seeing and experiencing first hand (okay, on a different way).

  3. milkshake with avocados are yummy. Loved them when in Morocco, especially when they use dates instead of sugar..

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