groovee bug art

Bug Art

This freaking ROCKS!

Be sure to look at everything!!!!

Fart Bars

Fart Bar

Recently, I went to dinner with some lady friends. One of the ladies, was not going to be eating due to her recent brush with Fart Bars. The most disturbing things is ANOTHER lady at the table admitted to having the same monster truck gas from these bars. BEWARE the FIBER ONE BAR!!!! So much for trying to get healthy!!!!

The first rule of Fart Club is; you do not talk about Fart Club.

I think I am the only guy to make it to the moon on just fart bars.

Fiber One Bar and Coffee

Scarlot Harlot…in search of a giant hot dog!

scarlot harlot in seach of a giant hot dog

Dumber than it has to be, the Scarlot Harlot visits the Texas Rollergirls in search of the biggest wiener. This little piece obviously isn’t being submitted to ESPN. READ ALL ABOUT!!!!

Better buy your tickets now for the the Texas Rollergirl Championships August 3, 2008

Eat great food by Traveling Bistro and drink bottomless mimosas at NOMAD on Sundays starting at 11 a.m. Thanks for Reading!!! Without you, I am just some nutso redhead with a bunch of photos of women beating the crap out of each other on skates!

XXOXOOX, Scarlot Harlot

Belanova – ¡tengo gusto de esta banda!

Belanova – Cada Que…

Belanova – Baila Mi Corazon


I know there’s been so many random latin videos, but I love this group. 
Redefining latin fashion one gig at a time!!! 


Porchetta for Hooligans

porchetta for hooligans 

Traveling Bistro sponsored the Heartbreak Hooligans tailgate party
at the Texas Rollergirls roller derby bout. Good times!


Tijuana Sound Machine for MISS MISSY & MISS KYLE

Fourth of July wore me out! But I didn’t forget my friends’
birthdays! I’m just a little late.

Please enjoy this video that is just as fabulous as both of you!!!!

Fun huh! I will add a few more tomorrow!!!!


Saturday Brunch at NOMAD by Travling Bistro


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