At least they didn’t hang Brett Favre on a cross.

Brett Favre - Messiah

Oh no! Brett Favre has a fatigued arm! Geez. That’s what happens when a team slams so many doors in the face of the quarterback many consider the Messiah and he holds up his hands up to defend himself. All the new doors he’s had to knock on can’t be helping either.  I wouldn’t be surprised is his arm just fell off next week in practice while he’s running a penalty lap.  I guess since T.O. is behaving himself with the Cowboys, we can only continue to drag out what is left of the Brett Favre drama. At first I was hoping Green Bay would get their asses kicked all season, but it’s not the players or the fans fault that some old, white dude has a an agenda that has torn this cozy Lambeau family apart.  

A man on ESPN commented while still believing Favre would remain with the Packers, “Football is a business. Brett Favre is one of the best in the business. It’s only the smart decision to keep him on the team.”  So much for good business. I just want it to stop before Brett realizing his many years as a phenomenal football player are reduced to a Britney Spears-like reality show. Imagine the commentary, “Favre is in, he fakes right and goes left, he orders the supreme burrito with extra sour cream…Katey, do you think he will order a diet drink to compensate for all that sour cream?”

Knowing what happens to Messiahs, I guess we should be happy he made it out alive. They are all cheeseheads.