Countdown to NFL Season

NFL Season Opener 

Countdown Clock  to NFL Season Opener

I was gonna find a count down clock for the new NFL Season and make fun of it.  I had to make my own and that’s not really funny! Here it is. Start stocking beer now so it will last thru the winter! Maybe this is the year to buy a kegenator!

Gracie Allen & George Burns go to Roller Derby Finals 1938

Comic Duo

 circa 1938: Gracie Allen (1902 – 1964) the American comedienne
with George Burns (1896 – 1996), visiting the Roller Skating Derby Final.

American vs Europe Roller Derby 1953

21st May 1953: Girls of the New York Chiefs
outside Haringey arena before a roller derby
between America and Europe

The Cho Show

The Cho Show 
Check out The Cho Show!!!
It’s AWESOME to see Margret Cho’s mother!!!
Looking Sexy!!!