Pretty Mama, Lisa Marie Presely

lisa marie presley and twins
Lisa Marie Presley and Twins
Do you think you could handle being Lisa Marie Presely for even a week and have an ounce of grace or beauty left in you? I’m voting NO. Elvis is at least equal to the Pope in admirers and worshipers. What am I saying, he is way more powerful than the Pope! There’s no telling how many people in the world are thinking about or listening to Elvis right now. When you are the heir to the undisputed King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, I bet everything is more complicated.  Everyone looks closer and you aren’t allowed to make mistakes. 
This is a great Marie Claire article. It’s easy for me to see why she married Michael Jackson  who is was the King of Pop. It’s almost like a match made during the Renaissance. So what if there was some deal about music?  I’m sure they had a lot in common considering their lives. I think she looks beautiful pregnant and so much like her mother Priscilla in the photo.  I have no idea if these babies are born yet. Let me know! Enjoy! Thanks for reading! Thanks Miss Missy for sending the link!

2008 Ozone Awards

Recently we went to a Houston Texans game. Lucky to find a good deal online, we headed for the Hilton in downtown Houston. Upon arrival is was apparent something was going one and I headed into our hotel to to get the keys. It was the 2008 Ozone Magazine Awards and it participants were in full effect around 4 pm. Talk about feeling like a cracker. I strolled into the lobby in my KISS shirt and was laughed at immediately by a guy I would have hired for a body guard. He gave me a break when I told him I was going to see the Texans. Here is just one of many videos filmed around the hotel. I will add more as I find them.

I really wanted to know who was AT the Awards. I watch a lot of rap videos. I love the music and can watch the hoochies shake their juicy crazy shaped booties for hours. My first thought was I wanna see Lil Mama or Kelis. I didn’t know what the hell was going one at these awards I wasn’t even sure if I liked rap or hip hop or what. I’ve been searching for some photos or video. Finally tonight, there it was. Outkast. Maybe just Big Boi. Damn I could have be standing next to him by the elevator. Would love to see them (him) perform. I did find out someone slapped Trae in the face, but I couldn’t actually find him getting slapped. When I went to get ice at around 2:30 am, two young guys told me I was fine. I think they were suffering from a skunk attack in our hallway! The whole adventure was a lot like being in a rap video without having to shake my ass and the Texans won!