Remember When… Photos

Some photos I scanned a while back.

Mimi and AC at an unknown beach

Mimi and AC (grandparents) at an unknown beach.
This should be a postcard!!!

Ladies at War

I don’t know where this came from but it’s an actual photo. I Love it! This should be blown up to cover an entire wall!!!

elizabeth been as elizabeth taylor

Elizabeth Starr Been’s Glamour Shot as Elizabeth Taylor. Thanks Troy! I had to laugh when Beau Been wasn’t sure if this was a wig. I’ve had some ridiculous hairdos, but this takes the cake. Can’t you just smell the Passion Perfume!

I later dressed up as Elizabeth Taylor in a long red dress for an Academy Awards Martini party at Dobie Theater. It was quite an affair and I hadn’t ever drank a martini before. I haven’t drank many since! I was pretty tipsy when all the people dressed as stars went to the front of the theater. Seems like I might have read something to the group or handed someone an award. On the way to the stage I tripped on my long red dress because I haven’t ever been stable on heels and the only way I could wear the dress was with the heels. Luckily, I was able to wipe out and recover with a full martini. It was a very Carol Burnett moment. Watch the Elephant Story.

This photo should be hidden so people do not try to mimic this hairstyle in the future.


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  1. The second photo is nice))))

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