Flat-Track Snack Attack: Frito-Lay vs. Crackerjack


FritoLay is trying to force Texas Rollergirl – Crackerjack #100 to change her name. Join this group and tell FritoLay to back off and let roller derby have their Crackerjack too!

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The Scarlot Harlot once gave Crackerjack’s sister, Lucille Brawl, a black eye.  Lucille was one of Scarlot’s favorite nemesis. Oh the fights they did have. Scarlot regrets she was unable to beat up on the little sister, too!!! @#$!


  1. I tried to email this message to Frito-Lame company via their website, but their “system is experiencing internal errors” and wouldn’t let me send it. So, just in case they happen to be reading this, I’ve cut & pasted what I’d written to them:

    Just wanted to say I can’t believe you’re actually SUING the Texas roller derby girl over her name, “Crackerjack”! Wow.. are you seriously that petty?

    Yeah, she alone is going to totally ruin the Cracker Jack name forever – whatever, as if they’re selling really wonderfully. LOL, seriously.. after hearing the news, I can honestly tell you that I’m never buying ANY Frito-Lay product ever again (thanks for the convenient drop-down list of all your products, by the way.) Greedy money-grubbing bastards..

    So I’m going to start calling myself Chester Cheetah, and there’s nothing you can do about it. I dare you, track me down and sue me over it.

    Hey, it’s not easy being cheesy. LOL!

    -Chester Cheetah- 😛

  2. LOL

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