Hard questions for Palin on billboard opposite LA rally site

Hard Questions for Sara Palin on Billboard
See all of the hilarious questions, the hard questions for Sara Palin on
billboard at Boing Boing!!! It’s FANTASTIC!!!!
You’re voting for Obama, RIGHT!!!! PLEEEZZZEEEE?

Apparently Palin needs protection from witches?

I don’t know about this witch stuff, please comment on this!!!
I can only watch so much news before my day is ruined and
unproductive. I wonder what the first dude thinks about
these questions? Just for fun, can Hillary debate Palin?

Bloodshots 2008: Blown Up

Here’s a link to our team’s (Red Skies Production)
entry to Bloodshots 2008.

Watch Blown Up and PLEASE RATE IT!!!!

2008 Best of Austin Poll Ballot

Best of Austin Chronicle

It’s time to vote for the 2008 Best of Austin in the Austin Chronicle. Please consider the following suggestions. I will wait to post my ballot so let me know if I need to vote for any of you! Tried to remember everyone but there’s SO MANY categories. They don’t have a Web Designer category anymore!!! Thanks for your support!!! XXXOOO, Beth

Ballots must be submitted online by Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2008.

Emergent Local Filmmaker: Bob Ray

Sportswriter: Thomas Jones
Local Non-Chronicle Publication: Whoopsy! Magazine

Local Food Company: Traveling Bistro
Food Event: Brunch at NOMAD’s by Travling Bistro
Cheap Date: The Jackalope
Neighborhood/Dive Bar: NOMAD

Clothes: By Rosebud

Locally Produced TV Show: Downtown
Public-Access TV Show : Downtown
Local Blogger: Beth Been, Groovee Fortune Countrystarr 
Local Blog: House of Been

Local Team: HELL MARYS

Florist: Verbena
Printer/Copies: Affordable Sound
Landscape Services: Flora
Recording Studio: Million Dollar Sound!

Fashion Accessories: Cynthia Bloom

House of Been

Olympic Opening Fun

I’m cooking up a sports article, enjoy this!

Hope you caught some Olympics from Bejing.
The opening ceremony was AMAZING!!!!

SXSW 2008 – Please wear costume or stip

Peelander Z photo by Beth Been

One of my new favorite bands is Peelander-Z. I saw their video (below) on ME Television. Mentioned the video to my friend Christina, went to get a beer and Beky Sabbath told me they were up next at the Whoopsy Magazine Party at Trophys. I just have to say shit out loud a few times and poof, it’s happening in 30 Minutes!


Har Mar Superstar photo by Beth Been

Dress up, bring signs, run across the street in the middle of your set. The stage show does everything for me. Amen to Johnny Shoplifter and the Har Mar Superstars! I always love people to take their clothes off and multiple layers for this sort of display are the best! More photos soon! You’ll have to come back. I can’t whole hearted explain why, but Har Mar makes me feel like I can do anything I set my mind to.

Being an Austin resident, I often complain about SXSW,
but hell a lot of it is FREE,  it last for days and people love to take their clothes off!!!

Thanks for reading!!! Rock on, Beth Been

Johnny Shoplifter photo by Beth Been


Happy Chinese New Year

Lacy and Beth Been

Ah man the year of the golden wild boar is OVER! But it’s been
great & this year promises to be fantastic as well!!!

Wishing you & your family a year of health & prosperity!
Gung Hay Fat Choy!

The Year of the Rat
Chinese Horoscopes for 4705 – 2008

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