Give me Wings!!!

The Beatles have some great songs but I am in not their biggest fan. You’ll just have to read about my Sgt Pepper dilemmas to see how that could be so. Wings on the other hand is a big favorite. A band conceived in the year of my birthday and I loved the fact Paul McCartney’s wife, Linda, was in the band. I remember swimming at the pool while listening to Wings, dancing in my bright yellow bathing suit.

Paul is my favorite Beatle… Stella is my favorite McCartney….

Helter Skelter and Something are probably my favorite Beatles Songs.

Imagine is another favorite but that belongs to John Lennon, right? I’m still in shock Lennon’s musical career lead to his assassination. Maybe it was payback for the failed assassinations on Lenin? It seems I liked the Beatles best in their solo careers .

George Harrison makes me think of  Beau when I met him  in the Something video. I always thought Elvis sang this song?  The Beatles were so much cuter with the long hair. Their proper look is a little to tight assed for me  but I  always have some Sgt Pepper in my craw. Give me Wings or give me the Bee Gees singing Beatles songs!