Texas Rollergirls and Houston Texans

The Hotrod Honeys finally won the Championship. Congratulations, pink ladies, it seems you’ve been waiting a roll derby lifetime.

It was AWESOME to see so many Texas Rollergirl Alumni at the bout! I will definitely make a list of all the ladies in attendance and you can help me check it twice! Maybe I shouldn’t have been hanging out with that damn hot dog, H.R. Dog, at the Heartbreaker Hooligan’s tailgate party. Are you kidding me, H.R. and Slim Kickins getting kicked out of the game for using her elbow as a weapon are the most exciting things happening!

It’s obvious the Scarlot Harlot was no longer skating when the Hell Marys won the 2007 Championship, because her priorities are a little messed up. When a game is being won by 50 points, there is plenty of time to FIGHT and raise some hell. SMACK the crap out of someone who’s been driving you crazy all season. Scarlot was a little nervous at halftime someone might hang basketball goals at either end of the track and do away with skirts completely. In days of old granny days of the revival of roller derby, the Championship was a time to make a giant skull dragon or carry out a pink and blank coffin, dress up like another team, skate thru the long legs of a priest on stilts.   Scarlot would let this slide, but she just got back from the Houston Texans vs Denver Broncos game in Houston and even a die hard Redskin fan like Bettie Rage wanted to cry over the beauty of the Texans intro – AC/DC, a giant bullhead tunnel with smoke coming out and then the beautiful pyrotechnics of a giant boom and shooting flames. God bless America.

Enjoy the Photos: Texas Rollergirls Championship | Texans vs Broncos

Most exciting was getting the Texan Cheerleaders signed photo!!!

We’ve got spirit, yes we do! We’ve got spirit, how about you!!!?!!
Texas Texas, YEEEE HAWWW!


Scarlot Harlot…in search of a giant hot dog!

scarlot harlot in seach of a giant hot dog

Dumber than it has to be, the Scarlot Harlot visits the Texas Rollergirls in search of the biggest wiener. This little piece obviously isn’t being submitted to ESPN. READ ALL ABOUT!!!!

Better buy your tickets now for the the Texas Rollergirl Championships August 3, 2008

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XXOXOOX, Scarlot Harlot

Mexican Institute of Sound

Mexican Institute of Sound (M.I.S.) “El Microfono”
Does it matter what they are saying if it has a good beat
and I can make web pages to it?

Great Video! Tell me what in the hell it says!