Countrystarr Halloween Headpieces

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The Muppets – Bohemian Rhapsody

It’s AWESOME!!!!

Shitty Day? Be Squirrely

Now I wanna dress up a squirrel!!

High for the Holiday Hog

Sorry for all the pig posts!
The holidays make me think of yummy ham!

You won’t believe the adorable Valentine Pigs.
A hog for every holiday!!! Basketball, bowling, hoop
jumping, mowing  the yard, spelling, David Letterman,
Jay Leno…the neck accessories really jazz it up!!!

Would I acquire their amazing super hero pig talents
if I ate one of them? I didn’t say I would, just asking?

Cute and delicious.


How much hedgehog is too much???

Mr. Piggy-Winkle

This isn’t all of Mr. Piggy-Winkle & this photo was taken in November! My husband, Beau Been, is on top of all the Internet news. Weird, real, whatever…. Building a little bit of cyberspace almost everyday, I can’t show him anything he hasn’t already seen! I just stumbled across this link again.

Take it easy during the holidays. You can see what can happen. Who wants to go on a six month diet?!! I think my cat ate the slimmer heggie last week on my back porch!!! YUUUUUCK!