I just posted soccer dynamo Shea Salinas and now you need to know
about his brother, aqua man Kobi Salinas! Look out Eli and Peyton!

While we are talking Salinas, I want to point out another Salinas I am very proud of. Sergeant Gabriel Salinas of Company A 142 Infantry of the Arrow Head Division is on his second tour and he should be home in July.   See how much he looks like his kicking and swimming cousins!!!!


Gabe Salinas

Gabe’s brother Anthony is athletic trainer at Canyon Randall and his wife Suni coaches jr high in Canyon, too. Their sister Katy has 3 kids, 2 being twins and you need some sports savvy for that. Her oldest just started T ball and  her husband, Josh coaches boys basketball at Eula.  There are also 2 more cousins, Ken and Lindsay, a brother and sister duo who coach girls basketball in Springtown. I’m telling, the Salinas clan means business when it comes to sports. You’ve been warned.