I know I can fly.

5 Ways You Can Fly

Squirrel Suits


Skate Boards
Danny Way
– At 2011 xGames, dr told him he shouldn’t go back out and he won the whole thing on a GIANT ramp.
Jumps the Great Wall of China


Helicopter + Snow Skis


Motorcycle + Balls


Wakeboards, Snowboards and Red Bull. HELL YEAH!


Chinese New Year with China Coast

It’s almost time for Chinese New Year. February 14th will bring us into the Year of the Tiger. I am Year of the Boar  in the East and in the West I am Aquarian. Lucky for me I recently read that the Tiger is most closely related to Aquarius so I am gonna ride the tiger for all it is worth. The Year of the Ox (my husband’s )  has been filled with a lot of hard work and plenty of success but I am looking forward to running quickly and being fierce and in animal print! The Tiger’s Motto is “I Win!” and of course you love The Eye of the Tiger!!!!

One of the most dynamic signs in the zodiac, Tigers are truly a force of nature. They are by turns dependable, unpredictable, fearless and stout-hearted, tender and loving. For all the world appearing at times to be quiet homebodies, Tigers may just as suddenly change course, and pack up to travel to some far-flung exotic destination.

Groovee Fortune recently designed an Email Postcard for  China Coast in celebration of the new year and I wanted to share it with you. China Coast, Asian Art and Antiques, deals in beautiful objects, textiles and jewerly from all over the world. Really amazing stuff. Below are a few of my favorite pieces.  You can learn about Asian Art, find out about current Asian Art Collections , etc.

Reverse Glass Painting from Indonesia

Canton Enamel Chocolate Set

I have totally missed a whole month of blogging so
I am happy to begin another new year so I can keep up.
Get ready for a Happy Chinese New Year!  

Crazy Sexy Olympics

Olympics Day 4 - Swimming

Shape of a Mantra Ray

Olympics Day 8 - Swimming

You’ve always got my vote if you win in a total freak out.
 Way to go Phelps! You made America PROUD!!!

Olympics - Closing Ceremony

Welcome to the 21st!

Olympics Day 12 - Athletics

What form. Makes it seem easy.

Olympics Day 8 - Swimming

 Olympic javelin thrower Leryn Franco, reported girlfriend of Nikolav Davydenko

Leryn Franco: The Paraguayan model and javelin sportswoman

Olympics Day 13 - Beach Volleyball
Beach Volleyball Halftime

2008 Olympic Photos

Olympics Day 9 - USA Men's Swimming Team
Olympics - Opening Ceremony
Olympics Day 4 - Artistic Gymnastics
Olympics - Opening Ceremony
Olympics Day 8 - Weightlifting
The Today Show Gallery Of Champions
Olympics Day 5 - Artistic Gymnastics
Olympics Day 1 - Sailing 

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