Bob Ray’s short film “Sacked”

When Bob Ray of Crashcam Films ask me to make 3 copies of 3 sack puppets in a week, I of course having lived through many days of 100+ weather  jumped at the chance. Nothing stirs up creativity in me like stupid ass challenge involving materials I haven’t really used. Paper sacks are unforgiving and fragile. They do weird things to glue, especially hot glue. They really know how to surprise you. They actually do whatever the hell they want. No paper bag is the same. You think they are all the same until you try to glue a moustache to one of them! I look forward to to seeing the short film “Sacked.” Bob’s a freaking lunatic.

If you like supporting art, need a tax deduction or want cool rewards, please watch the funny clip and chip in.

Michael Dalmon & Heather Kafka with Boss. Photo by Marc Wiskemann. Puppets by Beth Been

Dick from Bob Ray’s short film “Sacked”, CrashCam Films

Knuckles from Bob Ray’s short film “Sacked”, CrashCam Films
This guy later had a white Mexican wedding shirt on and arms. really funny arms.

Bitch is Back!!!! Sandra Bernhard returns to Austin

Sandra Bernhard will be here, she’s queer, get used to it!!!! I saw her at the Paramount Theater years ago! It was FANTASTIC!

District 512 Presents..

We’re Still Queer, Honey – An Art, Music and Performance Spectacular
also featuring Paradise Titty

More Info….

If you buy a ticket online, PLEASE enter the code: “Titty” in the little box titled “Coupon Code.” it’s for the venue to know Paradise Titty  brought people.

Live Nude Comedy

You mean if I was a comedian, a hot girl could come
out & get the crowd going! Like a comedy fluffer!
WOW! I’ve gotta work on some jokes.

Ms. Dakota & Sam Tripole are a great combination! HELL YES!
Live Nude Comedy

And while we are talking about sex and comedy. What is this???? Either you’re a bull rider needing to practice or this is a sexual aid, right? The strap to hold on is too much! Wouldn’t want to be flung into the tv! ha!

The Cho Show

The Cho Show 
Check out The Cho Show!!!
It’s AWESOME to see Margret Cho’s mother!!!
Looking Sexy!!!


Dane Cook as Tom Cruise

dane cook

This is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Long live Dane Cook!!!!!

Tom Cruise is scary!!! What happen to Maverick?
The reality is REALLY SCARY. Icky.


A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story 

If I had to pick a favorite Holiday Movie, it would be A Christmas Story. I haven’t seen a frozen pole without thinking of this kid for most of my life. This red headed kid was a butt munch.

A Christmas Story -Tongue Stuck to Frozen Pole

This is really awesome!!! Have a great Christmas Eve!!!!


Happy Birthday Beau Been and Aimee

Yeah Beau’s birthday has come and gone and I wanted to post something fun but I just found what I wanted. This goes out to Aimee too cuz she got a ukelele for her birthday!!!

This is freaking AWESOME!!! Like Beau and Aimee.