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Hell Yes – Kitty Wigs

Kitty Wigs

I think I am pretty crafty, crazy and weird, but due to the recent release of Kitty  Wigs, I have to give the craziest, craftiest, weirdest tiara to Ms. Julie Jackson.

Groovee Fortune worked on the Subversive Cross-Stitch web page where you can purchase some sewing for your foul mouthed cross-stitching granny. Be sure to get the book! Now this NEW, amazing, ground breaking creation – Kitty  Wigs. The perrrrrfect gift for all those “cat people” friends and relatives. I can’t stop laughing. Life is really meant to spend more time putting wigs on cats and cuss words with teddy bears and candy canes. 

Happy Fucking Holidays by Subversive Cross-Stitch

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