Paris with Gaga

Paris Hilton interviewing Lady Gaga! These 2 gushing over each other, delights and disturbs me. As a lover of pop culture, it’s the best! (fade in Davie Bowie song FAME!)

I was extremely impressed to see Lady Gaga using her voice politically concerning Don’t ask, don’t tell. Gaga’s not half as weird as some of our politicians. In fact she is a response to their holier than thou, suit wearing, perverse ways. She’s even mocking them in the photo below!HA HA!

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Madonna blew my mind and Lady Gaga crawled into the mush that remained and rolled around!!!

This post was brought to you by the loop of  Bad Romance playing
in my brain since I woke up. Now it’s  been looped together
with Madonna, Dance and Sing.

If you want to be famous, maybe you should be blonde…


Cccp – American Soviets

One of my favorites! Remember how scared we used to be of the Soviets? Now it’s all about the Arabs. I don’t wholeheartedly trust either but I have have learned a lot from both. I don’t trust a lot of Americans. I do trust that in if a worldly Russian, an suave Arab and a cool American walked into a dance club and this was playing, they’d all dance! They’d just have to DANCE. Ahhhh the snake charmer dance. Another of my favorites!

Since posting this, I had had to add another favorite song!

Madonna Sexy Celebration

Something else sexy. Shakira – She Wolf

Arab mix

If you know these musicians, please comment on their name.

Yo Gabba Gabba!

Who needs to go to a dance club and spend all your money when you can just get your fix in the middle of the day. Like a 3 year old on the low end of a sugar bender, I can’t really talk when I watch this show. I just trip out for 30 minutes which doesn’t EVER happen. Check out the background on Biz’s Beat of the Day. The Kool-Aid is even getting down at the Party In My Tummy. Nathaniel loves to cut a rug! It’s seems the guy with the furry hat could have been in this Dee-Lite video.