The Metro

I want to got to a friends birthday the Saturday of Labor Day weekend but I don’t want to drive out west of Westlake. The state of Texas has decided that any holiday is a free to give you a blood alcohol test with no refusal. I don’t know all the implications of this and i don’t want to find out. I hate to drive and once it gets dark and there are no lights I feel nervous about animals. I love Austin so much but this lady was made for the METRO!!! Where the hell is my public transportation Austin people in charge of this!!!!!!! Half my family and friends live in another city that is still considered Austin. Will it help if I eat at Subway? I wanna ride the train to this birthday party! I’ll buy a pass on the METRO….

This is an AWESOME cover!!!

Buraka Som Sistema – Sound of Kuduro

Video from Buraka Som Sistema featuring DJ Znobia, M.I.A., Saborosa
and Puto Prata. Single out 16 February on Fabric Records in the UK.

I found out about Kuduro looking for the different
artists on the video above.

Kuduro Magneso – Dança Do Tchiriri ~ Kuduro – Helder Junior

M.I.A. Paper Planes~ Bucky Done Gun

Kuduro da Dama Saborosa 2009 UK
I want to find more videos of this lady.

The Hardest Part

this is so funny. i love coldplay but this is really hilarious! love it!

Are we sure this isn’t Charles?
It’s the strangest parts of life that make it the most fun.

HAH HA HA HA. while i take the war bits seriously, bush is a riot in this!

Just Dance…

I like it when people appear to be happy and living life to the fullest! Nothing tells your friends you love them like dancing in a church with your heels on! Start the reception early!

I love the Sound of Music! I don’t know if I’ve ever heard the dance mix. YES!

Spinnerette & Queens of the Stone Age

Spinnerette – Ghetto Love! Heard it on KLBJ and learned one
member, Brody Dalle, is married to Josh Homme of
Queen of the Stone Age. QOTSA is on the top of my list to see live!
Now I want to see them w/ Spinnerette

Queens Of The Stone Age – Go With The Flow

Here are more videos of brody dalle. All the songs are
different styles and she looks different in each. Love it!

Cheb Khaled – Didi

When I was in the Middle East in 1993, the song Didi by Cheb Khaled was all the rage. While I didn’t get to see this guy live, I heard him everywhere on the streets and in peoples homes. This makes me want some good swarma. And for those of you who think all Arabs are terrorists, check Khaled out. He and many like him are trying to have a good time and be happy. Arabs remind me a lot of Mexicans in their family, culture and religious habits, except the Mexicans drink tequila five times a day (Muslims pray 5 times a day facing Mecca) and have more fun at the beach.

I took Arabic for 2 years at University of Texas Austin and then a summer semester in Amman, Jordan at the Univeristy of Jordan and I have no idea what “Didi” actually means. Ha! Can you see why I make web pages now???!!! I do know Cheb Khaled means Young Khaled and he’s from Algeria.

If you ever make it to the Middle East, you can’t miss Amman or Petra or Jerusalem. They are as important to the world as Rome in tracing our past.

This is a random video I really like that supports my claim Mexicans and Arabs are a lot alike. Seems like they filmed Sabado Gigante in this same studio. Djeloul – Aakel Fiha Ya Galbi Live