Terrell Owen keeping it real

I LOVE Terrell Owens! Not since Ricky Williams and Dennis Rodman has an athlete held my attention. I know I am not supposed to like reality shows, but I’ll just admit I miss the Girls Next Door (I like Kendra), Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels and  Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood and can’t wait to see Terrel’s new show, The T. O. Show, premiering July 20th on VH1! I’m not sure if Tony Romo is enough for me to follow the Dallas Cowboy Season, as much as I love him. Apparently, Jessica Simpson won’t be there either!  I have felt for some time, Jerry Jones is the devil and breaking up my dream football duo just proves it!

tonyMy all time favorite Dallas Cowboys!!!!

T.O. Apologizes in advance
I LOVE THIS! Thank you Tosh.0

Late Show – Top Ten Terrell Owens Advice For Kids