1983 – Octopussy title sequence

Back in the 80s, the sexual noose wasn’t so much around your neck. A movie could come out with the word “pussy” in it, and you would still let you still let your kids go see it. I must have seen Octopussyon the big screen at the Carlisle Theater in Dimmitt, Tx. Did we get to see nippy? It’s just hilarious, now!


Carlisle Theater in Dimmitt, July1990
Photo by Billy Smith

I loved Octopussy! Roger Moore is my favorite 007 but this title sequence is ridiculous. Bond, James Bond deserves something more than this! It looks like a Nagel feminine hygiene ad. The guy swinging the lady around in circles is priceless. Is that freaking Anne Murry? Oh shit! Anne looks fantastic by the way!

WARNING: If you are under 18, I am telling your parents you watched this.


Ready for the Dance, Rockstar!!!!

Before I can show you these ridiculous photos, could you please play this RATT video. Just start playing it now &  hear what was insanity might be playing on a loop in my head while I was making these dress and hair decisions. These images will go from most decent to most ridiculous.

I got to go backstage at a RATT concert when I was a senior thanks to the Valedictorian of our school. It was pretty disappointing experience which has prevented me from caring about going backstage. Usually, I want to drink the free beer and watch the musicians rather than talk to them. Meeting people backstage is often just weird or boring, but I’d be lying is I didn’t admit there is some fun to be had. You think you’re tough!

If you’ve run out of music, listen to this song. Unless you already know you hate Winger. Hee hee! You can listen to AC/DC instead. I was surrounded by cowboys and two stepping but there was always some Back in Black! God bless Rock! He provided the rock I so needed, despite the Bible Belt trying to sqeeze it out! Amen and Hallelujah! Thanks to these guys who took me to banquets and bought me corsages!

8th grade banquet red scarlot harlot dress

#6 – Scarlet O’Hara Dress, Rhett included
All images considered. This is full length red dress is SWEET. I will gladly take any donations of any dress vaguely resembling this. Seriously. This was my first banquet. I had a crush on my date for quite a while. We were great friends for many years.

Dimmitt Best Beau - demin prarie dress

#5 Banquet unknown – Denim Prairie Dress
I love this style of dress. Drop waist, shoulder pads. I had a turquoise and white lace version of this same dress. Sorry I don’t have a long view.  Who would have thought to take a photo of the back of my head where I attached a GIANT lace bow. Fer sure fer sure, I musta found out about the valley girls! Dressed like an extra on Little House on the Prairie. Huck Finn always made me laugh.

dimmitt, tx best beau 88 - demin hoochie dress

#4 Best Beau 88 (Sadie Hawkins Banquets) – Denim Hoochie Dress
Here you see one of the more shocking of the ensembles. Apparently inspired by Shenna Easton and Chaka Khan (Ain’t Nobody), this date was doomed from the start. This dress makes me laugh out loud. It seems sculpted to my body. My sausage body! ha! Someone did my hair and I hated it. Went home in a rage and redid it into some crazy side job. This guy was one year younger than me and I’m sure I was a horrible date because I was so pissed about my hair. He was a sweet guy. I don’t miss being a teenage girl. Sorry fella.

junior prom 88 - pink metallic strapless

#3 Junior Prom 88 – Pink Metallic Strapless
The hair is getting bigger, the pink metallic bow is smaller and I am actually wearing something strapless.  Too bad I didn’t get a tan! Getting a little crazy with the metallic pink, but you can see from the girl photo that was all the rage. This guy made me laugh endlessly so I am sure it was a fun date.

best beau 89 puffy - lacy white dress

#2 Best Beau 89 – Puffy Lacy White Dress
Didn’t I want to save this monstrosity for my wedding dress? No doubt, I had 80s hair fever. Maybe this was my hilarious homage to Madonna rolling around in a wedding dress. This was an awesome date. My friend and I got our dates to fill out questionnaires. That sounds like my hair brain idea. We planned the whole date. This guys was from Dallas or Ft. Worth and really interesting. I’m sure I felt very Sixteen Candles.

prom 89 - pink and black quincinera

#1 Prom 89 – Pink Lace and Faux Leather Quinceañera Dress
By the time I was a senior, I had been to many interesting places. Austin, Tx, Oahu Hawaii, Washington DC. I thought I was thinking outside whatever the box was. In a place full of racial tension (White vs. Mexican) I show up to my senior prom with a Mexican date wearing a modified Quinceañera Dress. Just take a minute or 2 to laugh at the HAIR.

I had this dress made specifically choosing the pink lace and fake leather with no knowledge of who my date would be.  And wouldn’t you know, in a town where the white folks didn’t like the whites dating the Mexicans, I strolled in as if returning from a dress fitting in Mexico and won prom queen. The prom king was the same guy with me wearing the Scarlet O’Hara dress from my first date. I didn’t think much about any of that when it happened, but I think know a lot of other people did!

I had the dress made and did my hair myself. The hair would make a great nest for a family of birds.

This post is dedicated to the folks at AmaChron Dances in Amarillo, Tx. Thanks for reading!

Mama! Thanks for buying me all these dresses!

AmaChron dances


When I was in high school in Dimmitt, we had dances in the civic center, a big metal barn with cement floors. Thank god. There was absolutely nothing to do in Dimmitt, but drive around and that’s all we did. I haven’t ever really thought about it, but maybe the reason I hate to drive is that I spent pretty much 5 – 6 years, 2-7 hours/ day in a car driving around doing nothing. Looking at the same 1 mile of drag. There was only one stop light.

So anyway….while perusing the tornadoes photo of Dimmitt on Google, I came across AmaChron dances. These folks probably did bring the dancing to us, praise the lord. Believe me, there were probably only 5-20 parents at any give time trying to end the dances because they believed we drank more when there was a dance. It was a very Footloose situation.

We drank whether there was a dance or not and we were drinking A LOT. When I came to University of Texas in Austin, I couldn’t believe there were actually high school kids who didn’t drink? So yada yada and blah blah blah. I ran across these PRICELESS PHOTOS from AmaChron DANCES during the past 37 YEARS. These were the only people who could actually get the beer out of my hand and my butt out of the car! Thanks AmaChron!!!!

In search of dimmitt, tx


the scarlot harlot searched for dimmitt, tx where she grew up in the google images and discovered herself sandwiched between 2 tornados.

now my photo is missing!!! what has the grain elevator done to me? i guess the tornados were protecting me from the evil grain elevators. i also noticed that dimmitt has 19 churches for 4,375 people and i think devil horns are funny.