Halloween related creations by Beth Been

Red, Turquoise & Houndstooth Hoot Owl Mask

Elegant Black Feather, Bronze Butterfly & Rose Fascinator

Dead Lady Cameo Witch Hat

Happy Holidays

Just Dance…

I like it when people appear to be happy and living life to the fullest! Nothing tells your friends you love them like dancing in a church with your heels on! Start the reception early!

I love the Sound of Music! I don’t know if I’ve ever heard the dance mix. YES!

Favorite Red Heads

The Scarlot Harlot  just dyed her hair magenta which makes it a really loud maroonish color. She loves it! Unfortunately, the color must be seeping into her brain because she MUST list her FAVORITE REDHEADS!

Favorite Redheads

In the Middle Ages, the color red  represented the devil. Times haven’t changed much!!!! These are in no particular order.

A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story 

If I had to pick a favorite Holiday Movie, it would be A Christmas Story. I haven’t seen a frozen pole without thinking of this kid for most of my life. This red headed kid was a butt munch.

A Christmas Story -Tongue Stuck to Frozen Pole

This is really awesome!!! Have a great Christmas Eve!!!!


Anderson Cooperduper can’t laugh with Kitty Wigs????

Who can expect Anderson Cooperduper to understand the true beauty of the fact a cat will sit still in a wig on and poses for a photo? Your cat rules too!!!! if it will wear a Kitty Wig. It’s like going back to Egypt where the cats always wore wigs. I don’t trust Anderson Cooperduper the way I trust a Kitty Wig. I trust the wig will be cool not the cat!#$#%#@$! Please tell me about something funnier? It’s so creepy, too.

After you see the wigs live on the “real news” (this is actual news and not the Daily Show right?), you should check out this photographer, Allison V. Smith.