Evolution of My Crazy Bitch

There are those of you who would nail some of my favorite crazy ladies to a cross. If you do, let me know. They’d want someone to take photos. Their craziness is art and I LOVE IT!

For me it started with Wendy O’Williams. Actually it probably started with my grandmother, Mimi. Then Grace Jones! Demolition Man is my favorite but this video for La Vie En Rose give a good visual overview of her beautiful, hard ass, 21 century amazingness. Grace Jones with Pavarotti

Madonna probably had the greatest impact on me. Lucky Star came out when I needed a feisty role model. Express Yourself, Vogue (mtv awards), Human Nature are some of my favorites. Erotica and Like A Prayer are a few of the most controversial but this blew me away when I saw Madonna in Houston in 1989. It was the first time I saw drag queens in person. Yipee! I’ll spare you photos of  me with Madonna haircuts & clothing w/jelly bracelets.  Imagine.

I went out and found my own drag queens and there was a stint where I was highly influenced by the band Vixen. Laugh all you want. I was much more suited to be a metal girl than try to pull off being Madonna! Definitely some Joan Jett and Lita Ford thrown in there.

And finally we have arrived at this point. Lady Gaga. A grand answer to a missing element of music in my life for some time. I was just going to watch this one video and return to work. But I love me some crazy bitches and wanted to tell you about them! oooo la ah ha ha ah

UPDATE: I should add Annie Lennox, Amanda Palmer and the Texas Rollergirls……


Keith Haring documentary

keith haringI really enjoyed this documentary about Keith Haring. I’ve been a fan of his art for many years but I had no idea about his connection to Andy Warhol, Yoko Ono, David LaChapelle and Grace Jones. Amazing how he traveled the world with his art, drawing on sidewalks for kids and painting live. I know his involvevolvement  in AIDS awareness was really important. Thought you might enjoy.

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