Little Beau’s Peep

Little Bo Peep and a Vamp

Here is my best effort at Little Bo Peep but i was actually Little Beau’s Peep cuz my husband is named “Beau.” Unfortunately, there was an incident with the wool on his sheep’s costume and he had to go as a samurai.

Little Bo Peep and Samari

I hemmed the dress and made the bonnet from the extra fabric. I also sewed the little sheep necklace. I made a little staff and left if at home. At least Lacy Been was willing to be sheep as long as she got bacon treats!

Little Beau's Peep and her sheep

It was a really fun night. Except when the demon attacked the flapper.

Flapper Attacked By Demon

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Happy Halloween my pretties! Have a very SPOOKY day!!!!

Biz’ Halloween Beat of the Day

Funny Halloween Dogs


This makes me hungry!!!!! They are so AWESOME and lacy been newsworthy!!!!


EEEK! This makes me a little nervous.
The dog’s is trying to hypnotize me.


It’s Halloween ALL DAY!


Scarlot Harlot could not resist the opportunity to show off the 2 scarlot harlot costumes wore in recent years.  Scarlot Harlot personally believes they wanted the opportunity to act totally insane for a day. Beau Harlot won an iPod in 2005 and Scarlot Anilyn punched co workers in the guts all day Halloween 2006.

It is really good to raise some hell every once in a while. Wink wink. See why the Scarlot Harlot is so vain! Beau Been’s got some sexy legs!!!! Much love to Beau and Analiyn. Please don’t tell anyone I wore the same outfit 2 years in a row!




Queen Bee isn’t afraid to lick eyeball ice!!!
Some  favorite halloween photos!


Some fun photos at the  White Ghost Shivers‘ Halloween Bash!!!

Have a Spooky Day!!!!!