Happy Holidays

Up Hill to the Holidays & Petra

Yippeee for the New Year!! The holidays were an uphill climb. Funny how midnight, some champagne & a few kisses can wash all that away. 

 I felt guilty for not being hyped for the holidays. The war has screwed up our economy &  minds. The best thing about the writer’s strike is I haven’t been watching G.W. bumble thru his life on the Daily Show.  The holidays are about Jesus being born to save our cold black souls &  spending time with family but of course commercialism is a bitch. Jesus ends up strung up in blinking lights & credit card statements are as long as Santa’s Naughty List.

Petra, Jordan - 8th wonder of the world
Photos by Beth Been

When I start feeling sorry for myself, I usually end up thinking about the  Middle East. I have a B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies & studied Arabic at the U of Jordan in 1995. I went to Israel, Jordan and Syria. Countries centuries thick in war teach you to appreciate life in America. We have the most wonderful lives and the best plumbing ever.

During “the most wonderful time of the year” I kept thinking about Petra, Jordan. You’ve seen it in Indiana Jones and the last Crusade. I’ve seen in twice in person. I don’t really care for ruins. I don’t give a crap where the house used to be. I like the whole house with all the stuff in it so I go to the museum but Petra is amazing. There are many fantastic things to see but I kept thinking about the 900 steps in Petra  you have to walk up to see the Monastery.

Your are in the desert & there’s no shade unless the Arabs ask you in for tea. God is Great. I can’t remember what the steps represent but I kept thinking of them at Christmas. You don’t really know how far you have to go or even why you are doing it in the first place. You have to pass the Treasury on the way to the steps and when the walks over (am I talking about the mall or the desert?) you will be at the  Monastery. You walk and you walk and when you finally get to this holy place, you walk out and you can’t immediately see the building. It’s hidden to the right of you. It’s magnificent. I specifically  remember this walk because a woman with us was wearing jeans and literally melting from the walk. She sat down at the end of the path and didn’t ever walk down to see the Monastery.

The reason for the whole walk was down a hill and around the right corner and she wouldn’t budge. While I was looking at the building, I could see her just to the right of the whole thing. What am I babbling about? For me, if I am going to walk all that way, I have to complete the journey to bask in the glory of the holidays or a religious monument or anything and yes I do still have some presents to put in the mail!!! HO HO HO!

 Check out Petra. It’s almost as cool as the Dome of the Rock.

Amazing 360 Image

Petra – 8th Wonder of the World

A few of my favorite (holiday) things…

Holiday collage of my favorite things

A Few of My Favorite Things  from The Sound of Music!!!
Candyland!!! My 5 year old niece beat me TWICE at Thanksgiving!!!
Friends!!!! Family!!! SANTA!!!! Otterpops!!!! Footie Pajamas!!!!
Nerds!!!!! I ate all of my husband’s Nerds last year so he bought me a
giant box this year!!! Lifesavers!!!!! Alvin & the Chipmunks!!! 
Christmas Stockings!!!! Frosty the Snowman!!!


A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story 

If I had to pick a favorite Holiday Movie, it would be A Christmas Story. I haven’t seen a frozen pole without thinking of this kid for most of my life. This red headed kid was a butt munch.

A Christmas Story -Tongue Stuck to Frozen Pole

This is really awesome!!! Have a great Christmas Eve!!!!