Whip It Movie Trailer

Juliette Lewis is a Holy Roller!!!!! HELL YEAH! Scarlot Harlot loves that but I don’t know what she will think about  the movie! It is very weak they gave Lewis Dinah-mite’s name!!!! Of course it’s spelled Dinah Might. Obviously a blatant rip off. Booo. We started roller derby back in motion here in Austin, Tx. At the very least, they could pay Dinah-mite some green for all the time and energy she put into developing that character. Without a doubt there will probably be a lot of intellectual property stealing. The trailer looks pretty funny. Drew Barrymore’s laugh in the trailer rings a bell.

Hell on Wheels DVD

DVD release date: Sept 30
Two-disk set with TONS of extras from IndiePix


DVD release party/screening:

Thursday, October 2 at 7:00
Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar in Austin, TX
*director Bob Ray and producer Werner Campbell
in attendance for post screening Q&A

*DVDs for sale!!!

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Blog:  hellonwheelsmovie.wordpress.com
MySpace:  myspace.com/hellonwheelsthemovie
IndiePix page: indiepixfilms.com/film/hellonwheels


Insonmiac: Dave Attel vs. Scarlot Harlot

Four days from the Scarlot Harlot’s Birthday on January 23, 2003 in Austin,  Tx, Dave Attel visited the Bad Girls, Good Women for his Comedy Central show Insomniac. The night before filming, some folks came to scout the situation. At this time I was one of the few people who actually knew who this guy was and my biggest fear is that he would be a big asshole or prima donna. David Cross had been a huge asshole to me one night at EMO’S. I wasn’t really sure who Cross was in the dark club but noticed everyone was buzzing around him. He snubbed me celebrity style when I tried to make small talk. I also saw Kyle Gass from Tenacious D play that same night.

I could NOT stand for Dave Attel to be on his high horse. He didn’t show up with the scouting crew so feared he might be somewhere getting a pedicure and and having his chihuahua fitted in a silk kimono rather than chain smoking, hanging out all night taking shots, telling sex jokes to weirdos and night owls. 

Just saw a rerun of the Insomiac Austin Episode.  Long story short. Attell showed up hooted and hollered and had a grand ole time. Being a roller derby fighting nut, I attacked him from behind. HEe hee. He started it! @#$%!!!  I punched him a few times and then it all turned around and he was choking me. It was a very Andy Kaufman moment for me. (This clips shows me Kaufman taught the Scarlot Harlot a thing or two about shit talking.)  Almost seems like Dave and  Scarlot Harlot  went to the roller derby fighting prom. He definitely didn’t have a Cross moment, not even when we broke his microphones. Uh…I mean 2 microphones.

Dave Attel vs the Scarlot Harlot

Scarlot Harlot always wants to be on the cover of a badass rock magazine but being on the main menu of Comedy Central’s web page for a whole day was AWESOME!!! The party we had when the Insomniac   Premiered that shook the foundation of Ego’s. Too bad you can’t see the girls gone wild photos from than night. You should have been there. :> 

The only thing my mother said when she saw the clip, “Oh no, you have a hole in your panty hose.” I guess me attacking a comedian just seemed inevitable. HA!

 Thanks for reading!!!! XXXOOO, Scarlot Harlot

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Brewtality Inc. “Stars in your Eyes”

The Scarlot Harlot kicks a lot of butt in this video!!!!  



Say Something Nasty

This was so much fun! The barn flooded and we almost got blown away by a tornado. I think I had to join the roller derby as a skater after this. I was a photographer at this point. 

Say Something Nasty! video shoot 6-31-02  

 Roller Derby w/Nashville Pussy  Sat, March 15, 2003


Godmothers of reinvention of roller derby

sh.jpgthe Scarlot Harlot was in the roller derby for 6 + years. she was the webmistress for bad girl good woman and the texas rollergirls. in that time she ended up with a vault of roller girl photos. the time has come for you to see some of her favorites.

Whiskey L’Amour, the Wrench and Bettie Rage beating the bageeeezuz out of each other.

Whiskey L’Amour pretty much broke her foot off at SXSW 2005, took her skates off and became an amazing play by play announcer. she was also a fantastic marketing director for many years. it’s really cool to have a good photo of her out there hustling on her skates as a Rhinestone Cowgirl. Whiskey just retired from announcing in oct 2007. cheers to Miss L’Amour for all her amazing costume changes.

the Wrench was a Hellcat before she moved on over to the Holy Rollers. then we were both Hell Marys. the Wrench was in charge of production for years. she made it look easy while she also served as captain of the hell marys. she retired at the same time as the Scarlot Harlot.

Bettie Rage let the Scarlot Harlot borrow all her gear so she could join roller derby. the Hell Marys had to attack ms. Rage for her disorderly contact many times but you can’t help but love her. Bettie Rage has been the captain of the Rhinestone Cowgirls and the Honky Tonk Heartbreaker. She has always been involved in the business of roller derby and is the only person in the photo still skating. She has all kinds of tricks still up her sleeve!

these ladies were hugely involved in the reinvention of roller derby. this photo really shows them turning it up and then teaing it down!!! i love it. the wrench has the best face! hope you enjoy!!!

XXOOO Scarlot Harlot

txflag.jpgif you took this photo, post a comment and i will add your credit to the photo