Insonmiac: Dave Attel vs. Scarlot Harlot

Four days from the Scarlot Harlot’s Birthday on January 23, 2003 in Austin,  Tx, Dave Attel visited the Bad Girls, Good Women for his Comedy Central show Insomniac. The night before filming, some folks came to scout the situation. At this time I was one of the few people who actually knew who this guy was and my biggest fear is that he would be a big asshole or prima donna. David Cross had been a huge asshole to me one night at EMO’S. I wasn’t really sure who Cross was in the dark club but noticed everyone was buzzing around him. He snubbed me celebrity style when I tried to make small talk. I also saw Kyle Gass from Tenacious D play that same night.

I could NOT stand for Dave Attel to be on his high horse. He didn’t show up with the scouting crew so feared he might be somewhere getting a pedicure and and having his chihuahua fitted in a silk kimono rather than chain smoking, hanging out all night taking shots, telling sex jokes to weirdos and night owls. 

Just saw a rerun of the Insomiac Austin Episode.  Long story short. Attell showed up hooted and hollered and had a grand ole time. Being a roller derby fighting nut, I attacked him from behind. HEe hee. He started it! @#$%!!!  I punched him a few times and then it all turned around and he was choking me. It was a very Andy Kaufman moment for me. (This clips shows me Kaufman taught the Scarlot Harlot a thing or two about shit talking.)  Almost seems like Dave and  Scarlot Harlot  went to the roller derby fighting prom. He definitely didn’t have a Cross moment, not even when we broke his microphones. Uh…I mean 2 microphones.

Dave Attel vs the Scarlot Harlot

Scarlot Harlot always wants to be on the cover of a badass rock magazine but being on the main menu of Comedy Central’s web page for a whole day was AWESOME!!! The party we had when the Insomniac   Premiered that shook the foundation of Ego’s. Too bad you can’t see the girls gone wild photos from than night. You should have been there. :> 

The only thing my mother said when she saw the clip, “Oh no, you have a hole in your panty hose.” I guess me attacking a comedian just seemed inevitable. HA!

 Thanks for reading!!!! XXXOOO, Scarlot Harlot

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