Jagger Peyton & the Scarlot Harlot

2 musicians and a rollergirl walk into a bar….
We will get to that part but first!!!!

Groovee Fortune is proud to present the new Jagger Peyton web site.

Jagger Peyton has produced over 1000 radio shows for broadcast and has created commercially successful radio specials including The Rolling Stones’ “Blues Licks,” “On the Covers” & “Paint it Blue,” in addition to “The Blues of Zeppelin”, “Ladies Sing the Blues”, “Real Blues Brothers” & many more. The Blueseum of Fine Art currently airs in dozens of markets throughout the United States. In addition, Jagger Peyton structured a partnership for their Blueseum of Fine Art & Roadhouse Revival radio shows with ROK Entertainment’s ROK Radio, a revolution in mobile entertainment, by broadcasting to hundreds of thousands of mobile phone subscribers in Europe & China. Both The Roadhouse Revival and The Lone Star Revival radio shows air on The American Forces Network (AFN) in 177 countries, reaching over 1 million servicemen & women & their families each week. Peyton and Jagger recently completed filming “I Got the Blues”, which is currently playing in the UK on SKY ARTS TV, as a direct result of “The Blueseum of Fine Art” radio show. READ MORE

Oh Yeah! So what about that bar? Chris Jagger is a singer/guitar player, John Peyton is a harmonica player and in case I haven’t reminded you in the last 48 hours, I am the Scarlot Harlot, the red head with bedhead. Now what I am about to tell you isn’t very lady like but the Scarlot Harlot is no lady, Chris and Mick Jagger’ are brothers and the first time I talked to John Peyton, we talked more about how he could own his own roller derby team more than his web page…SO…

After uploading a new music file for John Peyton, I was looking for patches for a roller derby sundress I pieced together with old derby shirts. The Scarlot Harlot had a lovely red plaid school girl skirt covered in patches and wouldn’t you know…there on the front of that dirty girl’s skirt was the Rolling Stones mouth in purple. Oh my!

Having been hit on the head too many times it will just be easier to share a photo montage and it will also give Scarlot, the bedheaded stranger, the opportunity for self promotion of herself, the Texas Rollergirls & roller derby fans  she loves so much. Especially the self promotion part!!!!

It’s true the Scarlot Harlot had the Rolling Stone patch right over her hoochie coo. Oh Dear, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to earn the respect of people she knocks down on a regular basis and keep up with sexy cowgirls like Bettie Rage.

Pixie harassed us so much of the time we just learned to ignore her. Scarlot with Satina, Misty Meaner and Pixie.

Gibson guitar headquarters in Austin, Tx.

Once there was unlimited time to gossip in the parking lot, gamble, pose for photos and  listen to Lone Star Revival to save our wicked souls!

Misty Meaner is saluting the Stones or trying to lick me. Probably both! Mean Streak and Amen don’t even care!

When you are just looking for the mouth, it starts getting ridiculous!
While we are talking about the Rolling Stones…I recently watched a documentary about them playing a free concenrt for 1.2 million people in Brazil. Unbelievable.

The Scarlot Harlot as a Holy Roller only had time to put KISS on this skirt. Go watch Hell on Wheels to find out why her skirt color changed. You also have to watch Whip It featuring the Holy Rollers and Marcia Gay Harden who John performs with at the 2010 University of Texas Commencement Ceremonies. No one played harmonica at my UT graduation! It’s a small world indeed.

CHEERS to Jagger Peyton!!! Love all your shows but especially proud of all your charity work and your enthusiasm about all you do!

WHAMMYS Texas Rollergirls 2008

Scarlot Harlot and Whiskey L'Amour

Tinkerhell attacks Sparkle Plenty
Photos by Ziv Krueger

Texas Rollergirl WHAMMYS
Austin, Texas – Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Scarlot Harlot (ME!) and Whiskey L’Amour MC-ed the recent Texas Rollergirl Whammys at the Mohawk. With a theme of THEN & NOW, the house was full of rollergirls old and new. What a blast!

Scarlot Harlot and Whiskey L'Amour at the Texas Rollergirl Whammy Awards Photo by Ziv Krueger

You can read the WHAMMY recap by the Austin Chronicle who were in house and recognized for their publications use in reattaching Whiskey’s foot to her leg at the Austin Music Hall during SXSW in 2003. Seriously, she ripped her foot off but has rocked the mic as the play by play announcer until her retirement the end of last year.

Texas Rollergirls Dinahmite, Scarlot Harlot, Strawberry, Pris, Misty Meaner and Mean StreakPhoto by Ziv Krueger

A good time was had by all but I was most excited to see all the retirees – Pris, Buckshot Betsy, Mean Streak, Misty Meaner, Whiskey L’Amour, Strawberry, Pinky, Ellis Dee, Crazy Duke, Dottie Karate, Dinahmite, Trouble, Sedonay Face, Tinkerhell, Hydra….and well as all the AWESOME ladies who continue to skate.

texas rollergirl whammysPhoto by Scarlot Harlot

Scarlot Harlot will add her photos soon and some others if she can get permission! Be sure to check out many more GREAT photos by Ziv Krueger & Bill Smotrilla

Special thanks to the Whammy Committee, Sylvia for doing my hair, Christina and Emily for dressing me, Whiskey for being an awesome partner in crime, all the photographers and punk rock Phil and everyone else who sat there and listened to my dumb jokes! ha! This sounds a little like an acceptance speech and we all know what happens when I do that! Whammys 2004. Sorry I can’t do anything about the missing images. Groovee Fortune originally set up the Texas Rollergirls SCRAPEBOOK but is no longer in charge.

Scarlot Harlot Miss Texas Rollergirl

Funny how I end up being the devil whether I bring my horns or not! ha!
Why not give ’em HELL!

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