This little mermaid got caught in a net, but she has broken free
and is happily sunning on the rock.

Mermaid by Beth Been

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Countrystarr Tropical Paradise Mermaid Hair

Tropical Paradise Mermaid Hair!

Countrystarr Art by Beth Been for Plutopia

nitrogen cycle by beth been

The Nitrogen Cycle hand sewn by Beth Been

robot arm by beth been

Robot Arm by Beth Been

dragonfly pin

Daisy for your hair and Dragonfly Pin by Beth Been

plutopia art by beth been

Countrystarr, Beth Been Art at Plutopia 2009: Living Systems

This is a cool snake bike participants peddled around the Palmer Events Center


WATCH A VIDEO of this cool bike in action



Plutopia 2009 Smidget

I, Beth Been, am participating in Plutopia 2009: Living Systems. In an attempt to be as interactive as possible, I am sharing a little piece of the art and info related to this project.

Roller Derby in the Living Systems Theory according to the Scarlot Harlot is based on the digram below. Sorry for the long title. For some reason it had to be that way. In the end I am not sure how closely my final product will stick to the explanation, but the whole artwork started from this diagram and reading. Something being broken off from society in their own living system and needing certain things to keep it going. Currently, this work contains paint, paper, and glitter. Soon there will be a red plaid skirt and flowers. I’m NOT showing an example of the work below. That is just the inspirational diagram. You’ll have to come back to see if I show you any of it!!!

the Living Systems Theory

The Nitrogen Cycle is almost finished in felt, cross stitch, sewing, etc. I give you a small sample of the labels and a duck. There’s also a deer and some other happy faces. There are rumors of a duck tiara. Hell maybe a deer one, too.

The Nitrogen Cycle text and duck sample

Comments???? Thanks for reading!!!!

My Way by George W Bush

g w bush with an ax

I won’t be sad to see GW go. He’s been a real embarrassment to Texas and America. While I want history to remember all his bad bad badness where he ran this country into the ground like we’ve seen so many fancy business men do and sent us to war, I can’t help but feel he doesn’t really see the error of his ways.

Like an ex-lover who cheated on you ever step of the way, he seems able to live with his ghastly actions no matter what anyone says. I guess when your daddy is the director of the CIA, minor infractions on your own country don’t seem like such a big deal. In his mind, maybe the fact we weren’t all tortured for him to get his way seems like cutting us all a break. His daddy went to war, why shouldn’t he?

g w bush with dumb fave

I don’t really have time to count out my complaints for George W Bush. I met him once at the Austin Children’s Museum where he launched his web site announcing he was running for President. He used a girl in one of my multimedia classes to help launch the site. She was about 12 or 13 and in a project where we created something we could sell. This crafty girl had taken to painting jeans. I remember the Governor of Texas asking her some questions, both of them laughing awkwardly, he walked off, she looked at me and said, “What a dork.”

Young people seem to be able to say it best and of course Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. A whole country didn’t see what it took a teenage girl to see in 5 minutes, but they were distracted by the fact Jesus told GW to be President. If we aren’t going to separate church and state, do we really think this was Jesus Christ’s best candidate? Did JC tell him to pick Cheney for his running mate! Yikes! Seems more like the work of Satan to me. Skull and Bones, people. Skull and Bones.

Bush with devil fingers

Bon Voyage GW, I wish I could pretend none of it ever happened. But since it did, I will laugh, rather than cry about it, Dumb ass.

My Way by George W Bush

eGroovee Fortune Back to School Special

Groovee Fortune Back to School Special

Groovee Fortune Back to School Special


Groovee Fortune Web Crafty Challenge

Groovee Fortune Web Craft Challenge
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