Traveling Bistro is a winner!


Traveling Bistro has won the Austin Chronicle Best of Award 2009 for Best Catered Sunday Brunch at a Bar!!!! Beau Been left his full time job to live his dream and I am so proud of him! The Daily Texan agrees! Thanks to every single one of you who has come to brunch or a Traveling Bistro event. Sure they give me credit in the article because I serve the waffles, but it is my fantastic husband, Beau, who makes all the Like Water For Chocolate magic happen! He’s only just begun! YIPPPEEEEE! Congratulation Traveling Bistro! You make my tummy happy!!!

Join us each week at the Traveling Bistro Sunday Brunch at NOMAR BAR!
So sorry we will not be having brunch Sept 13.

Austin Chronicle Best of Awards 2009

I would also like to point out my company Groovee Fortune won Best Local Web Designer in 2005 and they haven’t ever had the category again so I consider myself  the reigning Web Design winner each year. I’m just saying! ha!


Beau and I snuck into the NOMAD BAR photo for Best Bar Staff
TIE: Rio Rita and Nomad Bar
Many thanks to Miguel who always includes Beau and I in the fun!!!

Congratulation to all the winners!!!! Cheers! Till we vote again!!!

Traveling Bistro Brunch Menus for Dec & Jan

Traveling Bistro - Catering in Austin, Tx

Sunday Brunch

11 a.m at NOMAD ~ 1213 Corona Dr. ~ Austin, TX

$13 Great Food by Traveling Bistro
$10 Bottomless Mimosas by NOMAD



December 08 & January 09 Menus

Come enjoy the Featured Items as well as our brunch favorites of Waffles, Biscuits and Sausage Gravy, Hash Browns and Bagels and Lox!


December 7 Featured Items

Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin with Maple Mustard Glaze
Egg Noodles with Chicken and Fresh Herbs
Bacon and Cheddar Quiche
Asparagus and Swiss Quiche
Baby Spinach Salad
Butter Pecan Waffle

December 14 Featured Items

Pork Adobo
Chicken Chilaquiles
Chorizo and Egg Scramble
Potato and Jack Egg Scramble
Combo Egg Scramble
Brown Rice Salad
Cornmeal Waffle

December 21 Featured Items

Italian Roast Beef
Orange Cranberry Glazed Chicken
Mushroom, Herb and Swiss Omelet
Finocchiona and Pecorino Omelet
Classic Caesar Salad
Bacon and Black Pepper Waffle

December 28

Happy Holidays! Traveling Bistro will return on January 11!

January 4

Happy Holidays! Traveling Bistro will return on January 11!

January 11 Featured Items

Smothered Pork Chop
Breakfast Sausage Links
Eggs Benedict
Eggs Florentine
Chopped Salad
French Toast “Waffle”

January 18 Featured Items
Why I Heart Beer Day!

Sierra Nevada Pork Loin
Skirt Steak with Maredsous 8 Sauce
Boudin Omelet
Spinach and Swiss Omelet
Carrot and Romaine Salad w/ Lindemans Peche and Tarragon Dressing
Guinness Waffle

January 25 Featured Items

Smoked Ham with Honey Glaze
Jerked Turkey Breast
4 Cheese Omelet
Green Chili, Chicken and Cheddar Omelet
Potato, Roasted Pepper and Feta Salad
Pumpkin Waffle

On A Bus to Wurstfest 08

Wurstfest 2008

Traveling Bistro has Sunday Brunch at the NOMAD, recently voted the Best Local Neighborhood Bar 2008 by the Austin Chronicle. So we were in the know when NOMAD chartered a bus to Wurstfest 2008, a German fest in New Braunfels, Texas.

What happens when you meet at a bar, to ride on a bus with a keg to a beer and sausage fest and then back on the bus returning to the bar? I’ll just show you. Let’s just say the theme of this whole adventure was BEER!!! yum!!!!

Wurstfest 2008

Just inside the gate.

Wurstfest 2008

We aren’t sure who held us up for this photo

Wurstfest 2008

Some people saw pink elephants, others saw dragons.

Wurstfest 2008

Parmesan Stuffed Olives!!! Food, delicious food everywhere!

Wurstfest 2008

Wurstfest, the 49th annual “Salute to Sausage”

Wurstfest 2008

See more Wurstfest 2008 photos at the House of Been

2008 Best of Austin Poll Ballot

Best of Austin Chronicle

It’s time to vote for the 2008 Best of Austin in the Austin Chronicle. Please consider the following suggestions. I will wait to post my ballot so let me know if I need to vote for any of you! Tried to remember everyone but there’s SO MANY categories. They don’t have a Web Designer category anymore!!! Thanks for your support!!! XXXOOO, Beth

Ballots must be submitted online by Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2008.

Emergent Local Filmmaker: Bob Ray

Sportswriter: Thomas Jones
Local Non-Chronicle Publication: Whoopsy! Magazine

Local Food Company: Traveling Bistro
Food Event: Brunch at NOMAD’s by Travling Bistro
Cheap Date: The Jackalope
Neighborhood/Dive Bar: NOMAD

Clothes: By Rosebud

Locally Produced TV Show: Downtown
Public-Access TV Show : Downtown
Local Blogger: Beth Been, Groovee Fortune Countrystarr 
Local Blog: House of Been

Local Team: HELL MARYS

Florist: Verbena
Printer/Copies: Affordable Sound
Landscape Services: Flora
Recording Studio: Million Dollar Sound!

Fashion Accessories: Cynthia Bloom

House of Been

Saturday Brunch at NOMAD by Travling Bistro


Traveling Bistro