Peaches and Iggy Pop KICK IT

I’m probably the last person to see this but it is FANTASTIC!

Peaches featuring Iggy Pop KICK IT

Elijah Wood as Iggy Pop?

I also saw The Chemical Brothers – Do It Again on ME Television.  AWESOME!

Coin Operated Boy

I saw the Dresden Dollsa few years ago at SXSW. What an awesome surprise. They sang War Pigs and I was hooked. I went to see Gomez and they weren’t what I expected. Rock on Dresden Dolls!!!!

This is a really heavy rendition of The Dresden Dolls feat. Peaches — War Pigs. this is a lot like when i saw it but no Peaches. Is this the same Peaches?

When did Pussy Velour and Lady Stardust have a baby  named Peaches who went on to music fame? Maybe Derringer got mixed up in there too?