SXSW 2011 Photos Hilights

Please return your tray tables to upright and locked position. Extinguish all smoking materials and place your piles of empty Lonestar tallboys in a trashed container. SXSW is OVER!!!! Get off this CRAZY ride and GO HOME!

Due to an unbelievable amount of confusion mixed with exhaustion, I will post a few of my favorites and leave the rest to your imagination. See all the  SXSW 2011 photos! Photos include HONKY, Amplified Heat, Texas Terri, Black Eyed Vermilion, The Hickoids, myself with many old friends and more!

Peelander Z at Spider House

Peelander Red rocking my nephew Little Z

Jeff Pinkus (bass) of  HONKY and Blaine Cartwright  (lead vocals & guitar) of Nashville Pussy on a date. Dreamy…

Barefoot Redneck Justin of HONKY

House of Broken Promises. I love the rifle mic stand. So loud I woke up immediately!

One of my favorite photos. Andy Bastard is a very funny guy! Corri is a very funny girl. Super funny!

Black Eyed Vermillion

Wish this photo wasn’t so blurry! Gian (bass) from Amplified Heat fogging up my lens cap.

Texas Terri and a  Tambourine Fairy

and that’s the end of it. SXSzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz




Peelander Z

I don’t consider SXSW a success unless I see Peelander Z. Here is a little taste with my Brother-in-law, Zach, in the black hoodie on stage. His wife and 2 year old are also fans! We all go MAD TIGER!! MAD TIGER!!!! Sometimes I get MAD SQUID!!!

I have seen them play in the street, climb up and play on the roof and more. They ROCK!!! See Photos!


I can’t tell you what will be in the movie Total Badass by Bob Ray of Cramcam Films starring Chad Holt, but I can show you what won’t be in it. Funny shit! When you are as crazy as me, it’s nice to has friends that are crazier! Way CRAZIER!

Enjoy the madness. See Total Badass March 18, 10 pm at
Alamo Drafthous. There are rumors I am in the movie.
and see!

Deleted scenes from Total Badass …
Whoopsy Party at trophy’s, Day 1 2 and 3
See  SXSW 2008 Photos

You should check out Peelander Z at this years party!!! See the line up! and take pills with the star of the movie!

SXSW 2008 – Please wear costume or stip

Peelander Z photo by Beth Been

One of my new favorite bands is Peelander-Z. I saw their video (below) on ME Television. Mentioned the video to my friend Christina, went to get a beer and Beky Sabbath told me they were up next at the Whoopsy Magazine Party at Trophys. I just have to say shit out loud a few times and poof, it’s happening in 30 Minutes!


Har Mar Superstar photo by Beth Been

Dress up, bring signs, run across the street in the middle of your set. The stage show does everything for me. Amen to Johnny Shoplifter and the Har Mar Superstars! I always love people to take their clothes off and multiple layers for this sort of display are the best! More photos soon! You’ll have to come back. I can’t whole hearted explain why, but Har Mar makes me feel like I can do anything I set my mind to.

Being an Austin resident, I often complain about SXSW,
but hell a lot of it is FREE,  it last for days and people love to take their clothes off!!!

Thanks for reading!!! Rock on, Beth Been

Johnny Shoplifter photo by Beth Been