Halloween Fun

Photos by Beth Been and people she handed the camera! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
Check out the ice shot block!

Misc Travel Photos

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica, CA

Vatican City, Italy

Madrid, Spain

Barcelona, Spain



NAGI NODA – amazing Japanese Pop Artist


I just ran across this amazing artist Nagi Noda.
Unfortunately, she died last year after surgical complications
from injuries sustained in a traffic accident.
What an amazing portfolio she left behind!

naginodaHair  Hat Creatures

Be sure to check out all the Nagi Noda works! WOW!

Subarashii &  Ameejingu,  Nagi Noda.

He is also responsible for the bizarre Marika Takahashi Fitness Video

Glamourpuss, Marfa, Tiny Top Hats…

People tell me I’m crazy, but maybe because they don’t know about Julie Jackson. I  mean anyone who puts the word FUCK on cross stitch is crazy, right? Actually, it makes them a genius, but there’s more….Kitty Wigs? That’s right! And there’s a new book on it’s way called Glamourpuss. If you haven’t seen these wigs on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Grahm Norton and Anderson Cooper you can read about them in Businessweek, LA Times, etc, etc, etc….because Julie is not only a crafting dynamo, she is a marketing machine!!!!


Glamourpuss officially comes out October 1, 2009


Julie wrote this great article for my favorite Craftzine.com about
Katherine Shaughnessy down Marfa way.


I like to imagine this wig is in tribute to the Scarlot Harlot who
often sports this hair color


…but my dog wears tiny top hats so you see I live in a crazy
dreamworld and will believe whatever I want!


Lacy Been, International Super Model, has her own cat, Hot Potato,
and is working as my tiny top hat model to buy her a kitty wig.
Finally, a reason to ask someone if their pussy is wearing a wig!!!

AmaChron dances


When I was in high school in Dimmitt, we had dances in the civic center, a big metal barn with cement floors. Thank god. There was absolutely nothing to do in Dimmitt, but drive around and that’s all we did. I haven’t ever really thought about it, but maybe the reason I hate to drive is that I spent pretty much 5 – 6 years, 2-7 hours/ day in a car driving around doing nothing. Looking at the same 1 mile of drag. There was only one stop light.

So anyway….while perusing the tornadoes photo of Dimmitt on Google, I came across AmaChron dances. These folks probably did bring the dancing to us, praise the lord. Believe me, there were probably only 5-20 parents at any give time trying to end the dances because they believed we drank more when there was a dance. It was a very Footloose situation.

We drank whether there was a dance or not and we were drinking A LOT. When I came to University of Texas in Austin, I couldn’t believe there were actually high school kids who didn’t drink? So yada yada and blah blah blah. I ran across these PRICELESS PHOTOS from AmaChron DANCES during the past 37 YEARS. These were the only people who could actually get the beer out of my hand and my butt out of the car! Thanks AmaChron!!!!