NAGI NODA – amazing Japanese Pop Artist


I just ran across this amazing artist Nagi Noda.
Unfortunately, she died last year after surgical complications
from injuries sustained in a traffic accident.
What an amazing portfolio she left behind!

naginodaHair  Hat Creatures

Be sure to check out all the Nagi Noda works! WOW!

Subarashii &  Ameejingu,  Nagi Noda.

He is also responsible for the bizarre Marika Takahashi Fitness Video

Andy Warhol is one of my favorites…

all Hail  ANDY WARHOL!!!

andy warhol

Keith Haring documentary

keith haringI really enjoyed this documentary about Keith Haring. I’ve been a fan of his art for many years but I had no idea about his connection to Andy Warhol, Yoko Ono, David LaChapelle and Grace Jones. Amazing how he traveled the world with his art, drawing on sidewalks for kids and painting live. I know his involvevolvement  in AIDS awareness was really important. Thought you might enjoy.

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Demolition Man is amazing! Love the Intro!!! It blew my mind!

Marilyn, Boy George, Andy Warhol – Interview Magazine

Adidas Adicolor

Adidas Adicolor Fafi – someone interesting i found in the same campaign.

Now for the Keith Harring Docutmetary!!!!

Cadillac Ranch and street signs

pig4.jpgmarshsign.jpgYou’ve heard of the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Tx? But have you heard about the street signs by the same artist, Stanley Marsh? THEY ROCK!!! My mother lives in Amarillo and I LOVE seeing all these signs. People let him put them in their yards. They are fantastic.

I unknowingly went to this guys house, Toad Hall, with a friend. I remember his frig was a giant band-aid box! There was also the biggest wisk I’d ever seen hanging over the kitchen.

I did just realize this artist and the kid on South Park have the same name. Hmmmmm…. Stanley Marsh 3: A Texas Revolutionary

While you are looking at some art you might as well look at some cool graffiti art around the world.