Obama sworn in as 44th President in Washington

Hard questions for Palin on billboard opposite LA rally site

Hard Questions for Sara Palin on Billboard
See all of the hilarious questions, the hard questions for Sara Palin on
billboard at Boing Boing!!! It’s FANTASTIC!!!!
You’re voting for Obama, RIGHT!!!! PLEEEZZZEEEE?

Apparently Palin needs protection from witches?

I don’t know about this witch stuff, please comment on this!!!
I can only watch so much news before my day is ruined and
unproductive. I wonder what the first dude thinks about
these questions? Just for fun, can Hillary debate Palin?

Hillary, queen for one more day

Day 2


bill and hillary clintonDamn It! I wanted Hilary Clinton to be President!!!!  Some time in the early 90s, I saw Hillary Clinton speak at the University of Texas with Ann Richards (proud Governor of Texas replaced by George W. Bush), Barbra Jordan (first Black woman elected to the Texas Senate) and Lena Guerrero (the first woman & the first person of ethnic minority background to have served on the Texas Railroad Commission). A mousy, nerdy bookworm looking lady, she really impressed me with her confidence and love of politics.  

That was almost 20 years ago and she’s still at it. Ann, Barbra and Lena have unfortunately left us but Hillary has continued on in their spirit as a mother; a wife; an attorney twice voted one of the most influential in America; a First Lady of Arkansas who helped transform the schools; a bestselling author; a First Lady for America who helped transform that role, becoming a champion for health care and families at home and a champion of women’s rights and human rights around the world.

Day 2

When I voted for Hillary in the primaries, I almost cried. I couldn’t believe a woman’s name was on the ballot. It was beautiful and I had hoped to see her cross the finish line. Should have known what wouldn’t happen after electing GW, who owed a baseball team; his dad was director of the CIA & President, over Al Gore who was Vice President and a Senator for many years. Al went on to win a Nobel Peace Prize for his environmental efforts, his film An Inconvient Truth won 2 Oscars and his web page even won a Webby Award, while George W stepped up to handle our country like a privately owned company with some real doozies on the Board of Directors. Bush told everyone Jesus told him to be President and it was a sealed deal.

hillary clinton 1960sI will support Barack Obama in his efforts to become President. I’m proud to know a black man is able to take the Democratic nomination. Amazed by the pop icon status, all the Obamaisms and the enthusiasm of his supporters is fantastic. I hope Obama will carry us into a new AGE OF HOPE; a time historians will recount as an amazing reformation similar to the genius of the New Deal, something that will leave it’s mark on generations to come and drag us out of these fearful, expensive times. I believe hope spreads just like a plague.  I believe both Hillary and Barrack can do the job, it’s just Hillary wouldn’t even have to figure out where to stash her underwear or where they keep the stapler in the White House. She already knows how to operate the red phone!

Maybe Hillary can’t be President because she needs to win the Nobel Prize for reforming education or traveling the world as an ambassador like Jimmy Carter. Who knows. I do have to say, Barrack Obama selecting Joe Bidden for his running mate is just as stupid and perplexing as Green Bay passing on Brett FavreAt least, she could be queen for one more day at the Democratic National Convention!